Amost that time or year again for detailing! "Pure Gem Detailing"

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Jan 3, 2012
In the next couple of weeks I'll be getting ready to start detailing again and just wanted to post whats new for this year and update the price list. Wouls also like to mention that Pure Gem Detailing is insured if you were wondering? Here is the facebook page...

Standard Gem: This package is tailored for either a newer vehicle with little to no swirl marks or the person who isn’t concerned with the removal of swirl marks, but still wants their vehicle to shine! Time estimate (3-6hrs)
Small/Large cars $75-100+Tax
Small SUV/Truck $85-100+Tax
Large SUV/Trucks $125+Tax
XL SUV/Truck $150+Tax

Exceptional Gem: (MOST POPULAR) This package involves paint correction (swirl removal). This package is for the person who feels their car means more than just transportation. This package is a two step process that uses a mild compound/polish to remove light swirl marks and is followed up with a sealer that will protect your paint for months not weeks. Time estimate (6-9hrs)

Small/Large cars $150.00+Tax
Small SUV/Trucks $175+Tax
Large SUV/Trucks $200+Tax
XL SUV/Truck $250+Tax

**PURE Gem**: Major paint correction (swirl free). This package is for the person who wants their vehicle ready for the car show! This is a three step process. A heavy compound is applied to remove swirl marks and mild scratches. Then a micro polish is applied to bring you that wet look followed with a sealer to protect your newly corrected paint for months not weeks. Please note this package is very time consuming and could take anywhere from 8-12hrs possibly more depending on vehicle.

Small/Large cars $175.00+Tax
Small SUV/Trucks $225+Tax
Large SUV/Trucks $300+Tax
XL SUV/Trucks $350+Tax

*All prices are subject to change. Final price is determined after assessment of vehicles condition.
All packages include an interior wipe down and vacuum. If your seats are leather I will apply a cleaner/conditioner.
If your carpets or seats require shampooing this service is available. Price depends on condition.
Headlight restoration: $40.00 per pair.

As mentioned: all packages come with a interior vacuum and wipe down, but if you require your carpets or sets to be extracted addition fees will apply.

Interior package with carpet/seat extraction $40-$100 depending on condition and if seat removal is required.

Here is some new equipment for this year!




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