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Dec 4, 2011
I recently got a full cluster rebuild with LED lights from, and overall I am not pleased at all. First off, I ordered green LED lights, which were so dim I couldn't see where the needles were at night. Secondly, one of the bulbs was still burnt out because there was a dim area in the speedometer section. I sent it back after contacting customer service, and they said they would refund me $14 since they would switch to regular white LED lights. I send the cluster back again and they make the fixes, and I still am not happy with how the lights look. The LED's are very dim, arguably dimmer then OEM bulbs, but I did not want OEM bulbs because they burn out too fast. Myairbags says they used a limited LED due to safety reasons, but still, the visibility is sub par even at night.

Also, I noticed the $14 refund didn't post to my account after a couple of weeks, so I call customer service, and they haggle with me for about 20 minutes, saying they would not warranty my cluster if they refund me the $14. I told them that I was informed prior to sending it back that I would indeed get the refund, because they made a mistake the first time around and one of the bulbs was still missing, and due to the fact the LEDs were so dim. I finally was able to get the refund, and said I'll take my chances with the thing breaking down again, but I am not dealing with these goons again.

Anyone know of a better alternative company to them? I really want to get brighter LEDs installed, and also my climate control needs new lights installed in it as well, and myairbags only puts in regular bulbs in those, so I'm looking for a more complete service than what these guys offered.

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