Airbag Light on, Seatbelt Light not on


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Jan 2, 2012
My 04 Envoy is currently flashing the Airbag light 7 times on startup, which is normal.
But it then comes on solid thereafter. Indicating a problem with the system. Although there are no codes being set.

The seatbelt light is not flashing at all on start up, or if i drive without the seatbelt plugged in.
Which indicates a problem.

I have looked at some wiring diagrams, and both of these items are connected to the Inflatable Restraint Sensing & Diagnostic Module, that is said to be under the rear of the centre console.

I'd like to start by checking the ground on this unit and supply voltages.

But before i tear out the centre console, can onyone else verify that this is the actual location of the unit.

Or if you have fixed these problems in another way, please explain.



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Nov 19, 2011
Portland, OR
What scan tool are you using to conclude there are no codes? It takes a higher-level tool to communicate to the SRS system module and find out what loop is bad.

Here's where the module is:

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Jan 2, 2012
Thank you for the picture roadie! :thumbsup:

I use an "Innova CanOBD2" tool. Model 3130, that has been flash updated to retrieve ABS and enhanced DTC's.

What tool would you recommend using? :confused:


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Jan 2, 2012
Your first response was right Roadie. My scanner is too cheap.

I just talked to tech support, and they say they only have one model that reads the SRS system.

Its the 25488 Craftsman CanOBD2® ABS+SRS Scan Tool.
Sold at Sears.

That means I'm SOL till i get a suitable scanner. :frown:


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Jan 2, 2012
I used an OTC 9450 to pull B0103 and U1000
After reading for a while, i think the U1000 (since it was a history dtc) was set when i drove with the dash taken out.
Its a generic code that is set when a communications is not present from another module.
chevy trail blazer code U1000 - JustAnswer

1)I read on another forum that B0103 pertains to the front right crash sensor (of a 2005 suburban), and was wondering if it would be the same on a 2004 envoy?

2005 Suburban Air Bag Light -

I know others on here have had trouble with these front sensors cracking due to salt exposure which i experience for at least 4 months every year.
I have been able to look at my front left sensor and can see it is cracked around where the bolt is, but cannot see the front right without some teardown.

2)If this code is for the front right, should i replace the left at the same time?

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