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Was over on RVnet forum reading about pros and cons of K&N air filters. About the time I bought the 94 Burb (June 2016), Camping World was offering a K&N air filter for the '94's for $10. So I ordered one and threw it on. Most of the comments on the RV forum were negative against K&N. I'd read that before in other places so decided to put a new stock filter on. Note that I had cleaned the K&N once.

The results were amazing, immediately more power, particularly towing. And, for the first time over 10 mpg towing, was 9-9.5, never over 10.

As for proof of more power, there is one short, but fairly steep hill on I-5 going thru Bellingham that always slows me down to 50 mph in third when towing. This time it went up at over 55 mph, almost 60, that's a big difference (trailer weight the same as other times).

I have a K&N air filter for sale cheap if anyone is interested.
K&N is documented to allow 100X's more particulate through but people still swear by them. Hard to believe how good their advertising is.


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Well their advertising really good cause it keeps sucking me in and I once thought I was smart and knew something. Back in the '90's we were towing with a 454 '88 Suburban which needed help cause of the small valves and low compression, so I used K&N for a while. Now that I think about it (harder and harder to do these days), I finally went back to the stock filter and got better results. I think what happened is that I got tired of cleaning the filter and just bought an AC. They've just gotten it into the gearhead psyche that K&N means better performance.
I remember (late 80's or early 90's) when they used to have countertop demo machines with a ping-pong ball showing the extra flow compared to a paper filter. Didn't show the extra dirt going through.

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