Air bag spring inserts or airshocks for towing a small trailer.

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Dec 8, 2011
Envoy 4x4. Just turned 200 K miles and it's running perfect. I have a small trailer 1900 lbs, with 900 lbs capacity so about 2800-3000 GVW. Tongue weight is about 350 lbs.

I bought airbags that insert into the coil springs last year. Still haven't installed them. I haven't used my trailer this winter as I had planned. Am planning on using is now summer is here.

The Envoy handles it pretty well with everything stock and just a regular drop receiver hitch. Would like to level out with the squat a little. I have a weight distribution hitch but prefer not t use it as it weighs alot just by itself.

I know many will recommend some z71 springs, but I'd rather just stay with the air inserts or maybe some air shocks? Any input is appreciated.


Dec 4, 2011
Ottawa, ON
I put some air shocks on my Sierra and in combination with the WDH and my 7000# RV trailer with 700# hitch weight, it tows nice and flat. Didn't want to crank the WDH more than it already was. Air shocks are very old school but they work and are cheap.

If you already have the bags, just go with those. Should be the same results.
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