advice on blank NAV screen?

advice on NAV screen?

new Guy from Alabama w/07 Saab97X 5.3 AWD

fuses seam fine, my radio actually works. no clock displayed, haven't checked if there is a NAV DVD in head unit , NAV SCREEN.jpg tried to eject DVD will there be additional places where the DVD is inserted?

is this the correct PN from GM (v10.4 2013).

Part number 22846887 for NAV DVD operating sys.

I just purchased this car not farimiarl at all w/ car. hope to get and share knowledge about this car.

also advice on broken cup holder
I don't know about the Nav unit but for the cup holder, you're SOL. They always break so finding a good one in a yard is practically impossible. You're even missing the lower part that also acts as a door so you can't even do this fix:

I'd remove it entirely and try to cover the hole with a black piece of plastic from the back side.

Edit: These guys look like they have it and are based in the US:
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I've never (well once years ago) been in a TB are the cup holders in all gtm360 the same?

I like the location of the dash cup holder probably glue a cylinder into the ring for at least bottled water. is it the bottom of CH that breaks?
Thanks SM