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Thanks MRRSM. Enjoyed watching this guy beat the scammers at their own game.

In either case, standalone box or VM/VPN, the operating (healthy) assumption to make is that you are vulnerable; fore warned is fore armed!

The threat that Lowbuck LS flagged in the video above (win32/tiggre!fn) is frequently found in PC game cracks so I would suspect that it is probably a component of the Tech2Win/GDS2 hack. Regardless, the point is moot.

Only the paranoid survive!


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If you are using your Tech 2 to attempt to Diagnose any of these UXXXX Codes on Full Size GM & GMC 2007-2012 Trucks & SUVs for any of THESE Issues:

"Loss of High Speed GMLAN Communications, Intermittent No Crank, IP Gauge Fluctuation, Intermittent Door Lock Cycling, Intermittent Chime Operation, Various IP Warning Lamps Illuminated, Transmission May Not Shift, Communication DTCs
U0073,U0100, U0101, U0102, U0109, U0121 or U0140 Set (Repair Terminals in Transmission Harness Connector, Repair Open or Shorted GM High Speed LAN Circuits, Open or Shorted Data Link Resistor, Corrosion or Poor Connections in Various Control Module Connectors)"

THIS TSB Service Bulletin covers all of the possibilities and includes all of the complex repair actions required in response:



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All of the Diagnostics being performed in these Videos were done by a Professional Mechanic using a Tech 2 along with his considerable Diagnostic Experience:

Let's look over the shoulder of "Keith, from New Level Auto" ...

Using a Tech 2 to Verify a GM EVAP System Repair:

...and again for Diagnosing a P0449 Code...probably on the very same truck by using his "KISS" Principle steps to follow:

Here Keith is showing us How to Diagnose the P0172 and P0175 Codes on a 2008 Suburban:

@Mooseman ...

Check out the comments made as "Fair Warnings!"
regarding the Dangers of leaving the Tech 2 hooked up to a vehicle suffering with a Failing Battery posted below this Linked Video. Keith's in-video explanation about an issue that you have raised to our attention on many occasions is very enlightening:

"Bro, just FYI, I have been told more than once that you can ruin a genuine Tech2 if it is plugged in while you crank a car with a crap battery. Ask Jaime L who repairs them down in FL. Hate to see you ruin yours..."

New Level Auto Replied...

"Yessir , I've heard the same . I appreciate you looking out. Generally I will be sure to keep battery maintainer on during a diag. This one was so fast I got lazy..."

...and for the last entry for today in this Post... Keith examines a GMC Yukon Hybrid showing a "No Start" condition after it has a Minor Fender Bender:



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P0420 Diagnostics (Failed Catalytic Converter) using the Graphing Portion of the Tech 2 with insights from @MAY03LT on "Dealership Diagnostic Shenanigans" :


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