Adding blind spot monitors


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Hi Everyone!

My fiancée has a 2015 Acadia SLT and we love it. However, it didn't come with blind spot monitoring. It has a pretty good blind spot and we are wishing it had them.

Is it possible to add this? Has anyone done this mod? I would love to hear any ideas, thoughts, or suggestions about this.

Thank you all for the time! Have a great evening!


George D.


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I'm not familiar with the blind spot monitoring, but if it isn't available another (?) alternative is adding about a 3" concave mirror to your existing mirrors to view your blind spots. It sure makes changing lanes safe and keeps one from turning there head away from the traffic in front of them. I suspect it took the mrs. several years to appreciate having them on her trailblazer. Now she doesn't like vehicles that don't have them regardless of any blind spots encountered. Also if you use these I suggest placing them on the outer & upper most part of your mirrors. This way you can look "straight" down the side of your vehicle as you are backing up without the distorted view of the convex mirror.


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Another 'cheap' option could be towing mirrors - it doesn't appear that they were factory-available (surprising), but Fit System # 80900 looks like it could work without looking too 'obvious' / clunky. There are a few other options available, if you go this route.

Regarding what it would take - assuming that it was an available option, you'll need some hardware and likely a BCM (body control module) programming change. In the 'old' days, the rear proximity / parking sensors (the little round circles you'd see in rear bumpers, etc.) worked much like today's BSM systems (most use radar sensing; I'm not familiar with how GM does it, specifically). If her Acadia has lane keep assist (LKA), then it might have some / all of the needed h/w already. Again, I have no idea if LKA was available in the 2015 Acadia.

If you can get your hands on a 2015 Acadia brochure - you can see if BSM was available, and what, if any trim / options were needed as 'prerequisites' in order to have it. That'll give you an idea of how 'close' you are to being able to add it.

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