AC controller malfunctions with actuators? AC Gurus?


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Hi All,
So for the longest time I have been without heat.
I did the basic checks and all was well.
Figured out how to see both passenger and driver actuators... both were unplugged.
Plugged them in, did a blend door reset, have heat again.
Up until this point I havent had any issues with the AC.

Wife messages me this morning and says the blower suddenly went to the 3rd bar and temp setting dropped to 62. She tapped the buttons to increase the speed but it didnt respond. She turned it off, but then could't get it to come back on.

Clearly the actuators were unplugged by the previous owner, and somehow knew the AC would function without them being plugged in. So, what is it that could cause the AC controller to mess up with the actuators plugged in vs not?

2003 Avy Z71, dual auto AC option


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I'm going with the control head is borked. I had to replace mine a few years ago because it was messed up. The biggest thing in replacing it is you need to match the model number on the back with the new unit. I learnt the hard way and go one for a later model and it didn't work correctly. I bought another one with the matching model number and it worked right.

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