Amazon Product A Versatile - Affordable USB Oscilloscope $139.00


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Oct 22, 2015
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If you cannot afford getting a Snap-On Scanner that has an Oscilloscope Diagnostics feature... The PicoScope offered on Amazon for $139.00 with Free S&H can more than handle a HUGE variation of Electronic Wave Form Analysis and PWM Automotive Diagnostics for observing Hall Effect Sensors and for searching out those Sensors for signs of Sketchy Behavior that make many of us grab a Double Barreled Parts Shotgun and start Blasting Away. It has a small enough footprint as a handy device to keep inside of your laptop carry bag and will serve to reveal a multitude of Serial Data Stream problems with Modules, etc., when other methods used with Basic DMMs will simply never work.

Here are three Training Videos that describes the PicoScope Set Up Operations and use for Waveform Automotive Diagnoses...and there are MANY MORE available on Youtube:

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Apr 29, 2016
Scopes are quite handy. I used mine once to do a relative compression check. I plugged an amp meter into the scope and put the amp meter over the positive battery cable. It made a very nice waveform showing how the starter had a higher load as it was working harder on the compression stroke.

This would be pretty handy for those with a misfire. You would be able to use this to see if you have one cylinder that has a lower amp draw. Of course, you can’t see the specific number or really tell which cylinder is low. It is really just a diagnostic starting point.

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