A/C repair question?


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Dec 5, 2011
I hava slight leak in the discharge line connection to the condensor. It's the top right (if faceing engine from front). I know there is a seal inside the connection but I want to see if this is something an average joe can repair. Do I need to remove the compressor to add more oil? Do I need to have the system vaccumed... etc...? The ac works fine, just don't want to kill the compressor. Any input would be great!


Feb 8, 2012
anytime you have a leak it's recommended to have your entire system vacuumed, otherwise you run the risk of premature failure of your AC system. I don't know how shops work, whether they credit you for refrigerant collected or not... on the adding more oil, I think you might just be able to add it when you charge up the system. I take it any oil that you had would be evacuated when you take it in to get serviced. I think shops charge an hours fee to apply vacuum to the system, if you don't need your remaining refrigerant collected (already leaked into the air) you might want to look into the do it yourself AC vacuum gadget, don't remember where I saw it, but you need a compressor to make it work.. if you look on youtube, you might be able to find a video there...

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