A Basic Overview of HPTuners Software in a Live Demo


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If you have it mind to Build a Bench-Top LS Harness and Use HPTuners Software for your necessary VATS Deletion or if you intend to build a Turbo-Charged System with your GM V8 Truck Engine, have a look at this Very Cool Kid explaining how this all gets done and what the possibilities and problems are that can be involved with Custom Tuning for Performance and Convenience. He has a few other cool videos that show you how to construct your own Bench Top Programming LS harness that will be hard to beat as well:

...and Here is How to Build The LS Bench-Top Harness:



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Catching up a bit here... This next Video provides a more intimate look at the HP-Tuners Software (TABs and Features, etc.) focusing on the HP-Tuners MPVI-1 Early Professional Version which provided for the addition of External Wired Devices for items like the AEM Wide-Band O2 Sensor Inputs, etc....). The HPT MPVI-1 also sports the "One (White) Button Log Recording " Option to record Data-Logs ...WITHOUT HAVING THE NEED FOR A LAPTOP HOOKED UP AND SITTING ON THE PASSENGER SEAT.

Best of ALL The HPT MVPI-1 Supports REAL TIME TUNING...making it a Breeze to Tweak the Tunes while sitting in the Vehicle... Mmmmm... The Double-Layer Chocolate Cake Flavor of ALL Tuning Hardware and Software.

That feature works well for Track Logs when it would be very inconvenient to keep a Portable Computer resting nearby from bouncing around inside the Truck-SUV Cab. The Latest HP-Tuners MPVI-2 Device uses Blue Tooth Technology instead of the Legacy USB Interface featured on the HPT MPVI-1 Hardware I've got along with the Full HPT Kit that includes (6) Credits. I'll have to use a minimum of (2) Credits soon when working with the GM P01 PCM during performance tuning of the Performance Modified 5.3L in my 2000 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Long Bed Truck:

I'm guessing that even with the installation of a "Mild" Lift Performance Camshaft... the problem of getting the Engine to Start and Idle without stalling as soon as the Engine is Fired Up will become the MOST important motivation for getting and using HP-Tuners Gear and Software. This VOP's (Video Original Poster) video(s) illustrates this problem on a Chevrolet Silverado 5.3L Engine that closely emulates what I will have to deal with in due course.

Anyone interested in wrenching realistic engine performance improvements into their GM Motors will NOT be able to "Separate The Baby... from The Bath Water" by Buying Performance Parts and then ignoring the need for using HP-Tuners to make it all run right... or paying through the nose for somebody else to Tune the PCM:

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If you are getting into “TUNING” using either HP-Tuners or EFI-Live Hardware and Software… Your prior experiences with Hunting will remind you that doing so is just like Skinning A Fresh Kill: If you Do NOT Know the Beast you've just shot and have hanging there in front of you… You won’t know where to begin cutting. Likewise, without doing enough research to develop an understanding of the PCM-ECMs being TUNED, you are more likely to make harmful mistakes in the process that might ...SPOIL THE MEAT!

If you intend upon making a successful LS Performance Engine Swap into your Vehicle, a good place to begin is to check out this link showing a Spreadsheet of the Delphi Year-Makes-Models that these various PCM-ECMs vs. the Year-Make-Models of Vehicles they support. The things you learn in advance will lessen the chance of you purchasing an Old PCM off of eBay that winds up being incompatible with your set up. I’m recommending that you Clone your OEM PCM and Keep Your Original PCM and BCM on the Shelf ...just in case ANYTHING goes wrong with your TUNING efforts that would benefit from a rapid recovery via the Swap-In of your OEM PCM-BCM Hardware:


Next… Check Out Youtube on this subject, so you can find “Show and Tell Videos” like this one describing the variations between these PCM-ECMs. DOWNLOAD AND SAVE THESE for future re-plays to reinforce your Knowledge about the “Brains Inside The Box”. In time, you’ll learn enough to empower your LS Swap Engine to Run Like a MAD MONSTER as soon as you massage and install the right “TUNE”.

This Video comes from “The Sloppy Mechanic”; a Man who has trained himself in the use of HP-Tuners as well as Trial and Error “Wrenching” on many LS-Based Engines managing to create as much as 1,000 HP Motors that RUN RIGHT because he KNOWS THE BEAST. He’ll tell you... “If I Can Do It… YOU Can Do It”:

These Videos demonstrate his knowledge with Turbo-Charging a 2007 Chevrolet Silverado:

One of the troubles that you might have to overcome can occur if you unfortunately wind up getting a Legacy PCM that has a TUNE installed that is LOCKED OUT from your Tuning Software. You COULD solve this problem by using a Tech 2 if you have one to re-install a Fresh PCM Calibration. But if NOT… This Video shows you a Physical Workaround inside the PCM to overcome this problem:

Just remember that you have to be cautious about opening up ANY PCM-ECM for fear of Electrostatic Sparking that will RUIN the device. Ground your Gear and Ground Yourself… and make sure to Clean the Electronic Parts inside with CRC Electronic Component Solvent as well as the Upper and Lower PCM-ECM Casements and Clean the Rubber Sealing Grommet well before buttoning up the casements back together.

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