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NEED HELP 97 Cheyenne: 4 wire trailer brake stolen, truck will not start 5.0 w/700R4

Discussion in 'Engine & Drivetrain' started by Vaughn M. Elliott II, Oct 12, 2016.

  1. Vaughn M. Elliott II

    Vaughn M. Elliott II Member

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    Quick back history: 1997 Cheyenne 5.0 Chevrolet, factory 5 speed, 4x4. Got the truck for my dad, his Parkinsons got bad and he did not have the coordination to shift and clutch. Installed a 700R4 and t-case out of a non-electronic vehicle.

    I towed with it a little, mostly my hay roller or farm equipment, nothing ever heavy duty.

    I had a trailer brake in it, and someone broke into the truck and stole the trailer brake. I got a piece of used DS door glass, replaced it, went to start it, no love.

    I tried the jumping over the starter relay trick inside the relay/fuse box. No worky, truck cranked over, but otherwise did no firing. Odd thing: seemed as though starter relay was backwords, as in where as you'd normally jump across was flipped backwards. Yes- I did have the key inside the truck and to run position.

    I went to hook up my Tech2 clone but I am still getting software installed and I found out the 32mb card only goes back to like 2000 and this is a 97.

    I was told by an old GM mechanic that I needed to rectify the trailer brake wiring first, then try to start it, if that didn't work, replace the steering column wiring harness because the electrical orders to fire, send fuel(I could hear the fuel pump not pumping), and crank were not coming from the column.

    One big problem I have is I don't even remember what trailer brake I installed 15 years ago, so I certainly don't remember how to rectify the wiring there.

    The ignition tumbler needed replaced in 2013 and I replaced that, so I can see maybe column wiring needing repaired.
  2. Sparky

    Sparky Moderator

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    I guess I'm not sure why the trailer brake unit would cause it to not start. What power supply did you use for it? If something under the column it is possible when they took it out they just ripped at wires which could have damaged/shorted something/blown fuses/etc.

    97 would be OBDII, so when you turn the key to run (not start) the check engine light should come on. If it doesn't, it is possible a PCM fuse is blown. I know on my Trailblazer the fuel pump ran off one of the PCM fuses (figured that out when the harness corroded/shorted, blew the PCM fuse, which made the SES light at ignition not turn on).
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  3. MAY03LT

    MAY03LT Well-Known Member

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    My card is up to 2011 but I've lied to it and have been able to read some 12/13's. Maybe it will work the same in reverse. Tell the tech2 it's a 2000 and see what you got.

    And I'm with sparky the only relation between the trailer and the no start would be if power was sourced from the column and one of the ignition fuses blew when it was ripped out.

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