5.3 with 4.10 gears OK?


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Sorry to ressurect an old thread... got a 3.42 gu6 in my envoy xl and found a tb ext with a gt5. I'm thinking of trying to get it for 2-300... I drive mostly stop n go and hills and like I stole it. Even with a 5.3 and stock tires it doesn't get out of it's own way fast enough for my taste. My 3/2 lift and wheel adapters are sitting in the garage and I'm probably putting 31.5s or bigger/heavier on in the next 2 weeks. I already drift it wet but it's gonna need much more pull to merge easier and drift dry with the bigger heavier tires/rims. Hoping to have tq management lowered and 4.10 in by end of sept. Down the road a bit low lift truck cam/springs and LTs catless Y and nice exhaust. Mainly looking for more fun driving. Will the 4.10 g80 be ok for some fun.? I won't be doing doughnuts or launches testing for wheel hop regularly. There is a rolled tbss near me I'm hoping to get some parts from eventually but for now hoping to go budget for a bit til at least my current parts are installed got a big alt and stereo waiting to go in


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I moved your post to its own thread since it really wasn't related to that other one (was in the 4.2L section)

4.10's would be good but be aware that your fuel consumption will go up, especially on highway driving. I can't imagine there are a lot of highways on an island so for hills and city driving, they would work well for you.

A tune, even a mail order one, works wonders on these engines. @limequat did one for my 9-7x 5.3L and it really woke this beast up. He can also disable AFM before it fails as well as other things that can be changed to improve it. Best $99 you could spend.

Edit: He can also correct the speedo readout for the new gears.


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4.10 gears wont be a problem. Your not looking for gas mileage on the interstate with your setup...lol

BUT.......Drifting and Wheel Adapters are not 2 words used in the same sentence here very often. Please update on how that works out for ya!

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