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Hey guys. Just wanted to throw this out there, if you're cruising along online and happen to see a reasonably priced lowish milage 4l65e for the awd setup from an 02-05 gm, hit me up? I've called yards around me but they won't tell me what they have, they just tell me to come look or no. So me not having much if any time as of late have not really looked. I'd go the rebuild route but dropping ~2k on a 260k mile vehicle doesn't seem reasonable but throwing in a 800$ unit with 130k miles on it is a hell of a better option. It won't be driven much but ever since I did the intake and disconnected the battery, the shifts have been pretty screwed, if you try to pass someone at highway speeds it just flashes up now which it didn't do before so I think it's on its last legs...

Anyway, if you see one in your travels let me know. Just trying to get an idea. There should be thousands so...


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I saw this last night, and went and looked in my local CL for 4L60e's for you. Then I came back and saw you were actually looking for the 4L65

Swap out some internals, and you'd have a 4L65...
- 300mm output shaft (vs. 298mm)
- 5 pinion rear planetary (vs. 4)
- hardened input shaft
- hardened sunshell (or get a Beast)

Everything else about them is the same.

I see 4L60e locally from $125 (core requiring full rebuild) up through $800 or so (full rebuild w/ 1yr warranty). Lots in the $550-$600 range, rebuilt.

You could get one of these, get the internal parts & swap them out, and then have someone install the new one (or do it yourself, if you're inclined).

FYI - I searched again on 4L65e, and found very few options - and the ones that were there were in the $1200 - $1400 range.

Just a thought...


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I had thought about a 4l60e but I'm just worried about how it would deal with the 6.0l and being awd all the time. For its age it would probably outlast the truck but I'd have to find one with the correct torque converter. I may actually just look them up though now that I think about it... :undecided:


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Why does everyone think their 200k mile pulled from the truck as is 4l60/65 is worth 1,100$. For 1500$ I could buy a new one. I have no clue how people pick up 400$ 6.0l LS engines either. Just for the hell of it anyway, they're 800+ well north of 200k miles. Some peoples kids.

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