FOR SALE 245/50R19 Pirelli Scorpion Snow Tires


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These tires are almost brand new. They have very little wear on them, about 4,000 miles by my estimation. They've always been stored indoors, away from sunlight and in a heated space, when not installed on my car.

I can ship if you are paying for it. PM and we'll work out the details. Two bundles of two tires will make two packages, each approximately 28" x 28" x 18", 62 LBS. And my zip code is 01801. Otherwise if you want to come get them, I am located about 15 minutes North of downtown Boston (10 minutes with on traffic, 3 days with traffic).

These tires came off my 2013 Camaro. They fit 19" wheels. No TB's came with 19's, but if you have aftermarket wheels, this could fit great. They're a very large tire, they're actually an SUV size. They fit Audi & BMW SUVs in addition to Camaros. Snow tires aren't very popular these days and I really don't know why. I've put them on all of my rear wheel drive sports cars and it makes all the difference in the world. I only don't do it on my TB because I have pretty aggressive on/off road tread already. Although I still slip a bit, I could use a limited slip diff of some kind.

The tire shop I used wrote my name "john" on the tread, it will wear right off after the first mile.

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