243 heads


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Came across a CL ad selling a set of these - they've been rebuilt, with LS6 springs -- and also milled 0.010
Could save me a lot of time (& cash?) to grab these.

The milling is what concerns me - I know these would bolt directly to my LQ4. But they'd also raise the compression ratio, and the milling would raise it further still.

My intended cam is going to have about .550 lift, and I was going to run the LS6 springs.
But -- I want to be able to run the crappiest gas I can - E85, even. At an expected 8-9mpg, I don't want to have to run 93, and out west, they drop the octane of regular gas at higher elevations (my normal 87 becomes 86 or even 85, IIRC)

FI is probably not going to be in my plans (but I'll hold on to my stock 317s, in case I decide I want to do that at some point.)

Thoughts on grabbing these (and if you're experienced, a suitable HG thickness to lower the squeeze factor)?
I can do the calcs on what the CR would be (I know it would be north of 10, since a factory 243 would give that)


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Oh, it's not that bad...lol. Although the guy texted me back to report they were sold.

I always like to keep my eye out for things I might 'need' (degrees vary, sadly.)

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