2013 bmw x5


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Did this with my father. We were on vacation and the salt from the ocean was building up on it, so he started to spray it with a hose. I started yelling at him because I knew he didn't know what he was doing so I stepped in and showed him how things were done! Luckily, I brought my entire detailing armory with me on vacation, because I'm weird and would prefer washing cars to sitting on a beach for four hours baking to death.

Sonax wheel cleaner, Daytona wheel brush, mother's boar's hair wheel brush, BlackFire Wet Diamond Conditioning Shampoo, 2 bucket method with grit guards, NanoSkin Medium Wash Mitt, Guzzler Waffle Weave Towels.

We also used my newest secret weapon: Electric powered leaf blower!!!!!! I have used this only for detailing since I bought it and keep it 100% clean so there's no dust or anything in it and it's not used for anything that would get dirt in it. After you do your sheet-off method with the hose with no sprayer on it, you use the leaf blower to sort of "push" the water off of the car (it's not a blow-dryer, if it just made the water evaporate you would get spots. Don't worry, that doesn't happen with this). It's also great for getting water out of all of the nooks and crannies all over the car that usually end of dripping out after you've already dried the car and walked away, which leave drip marks. Finally you just do a final quick dry with your go-to drying towels.

And I know these photos look edited but they aren't, the light was perfect because it was early evening and a storm was coming, casting this awesome yellowish tint to everything.

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