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Would like to relearn the TPMS after tire rotation without the purchase of the tool. Also, not sure what is the frequency of the TPMS sensors so don't know what tools will work. Anyone know the frequency? I believe it can be one of two.
Back to the TPMS relearn. I have tried, all with the key on, the light switch 4 second deal as well as the holding the remote entry lock and unlock buttons simultaneously. Neither results in the two horn chirps or the relearn light coming on. What am I missing or doing wrong here? Any and all comments, advice, or suggestions are appreciated.
Does your truck have the Driver Information Center (DIC)? You should be able to trigger a relearn through that if you do.
From the owners manual:

The TPMS sensor matching process is outlined below:
1. Set the parking brake.
2. Turn the ignition switch to RUN with the engine off.
3. Turn the headlamp control from off to parking lamps four times within three seconds. A double horn chirp will sound and the TPMS low tire warning light will begin to flash. The double horn chirp and flashing TPMS warning light indicate that the TPMS matching process has started. The TPMS warning light should continue flashing throughout the matching procedure.
4. Start with the driver's side front tire.
5. Remove the valve cap from the valve cap stem. Activate the TPMS sensor by increasing or decreasing the tire's air pressure for 10 seconds, then stop and listen for a single horn chirp. The single horn chirp should sound within 15 seconds, confirming that the sensor identification code has been matched to this tire and wheel position. If you do not hear the confirming single horn chirp, you will need to start over with step number one. To let air pressure
out of a tire you can use the pointed end of the valve cap, a pencil-style air
pressure gage, or a key.
6. Proceed to the passenger's side front tire, and repeat the procedure in Step
7. Proceed to the passenger's side rear tire, and repeat the procedure in Step
8. Proceed to the driver's side rear tire, and repeat the procedure in Step 5.
9. After hearing the confirming horn chirp for the driver's side rear tire, check to see if the TPMS warning light is still flashing. If yes, turn the ignition switch to LOCK to exit the sensor matching process. If the TPMS warning light is not flashing, the five minute time limit has
passed and you will need to start the process over beginning with Step 1.
10. Set all four tires to the recommended air pressure level as indicated on the Tire and Loading Information label.
11. Put the valve caps back on the valve stems

I've also uploaded the GM-SI procedure using the TPMS tool as well as the deflation method. Both methods use the same headlight on/off initiate the learn process. All the tool does is activate the sensor without having to remove air so there is no advantage to getting one. And then it talks about using the Tech 2 scan tool to confirm tire pressures and light off, which is not mandatory.




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Does your truck have the Driver Information Center (DIC)? You should be able to trigger a relearn through that if you do.
Yes. My Envoy has the DIC system. I missed the info playing with it or reading in the manual about triggering the relearn through the DIC. I would appreciate if you could elaborate. Thanks and Happy Motoring.


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I know that you said that you don't want to buy the tool but, believe me it's a worthwhile investment.
In fact, in later GM vehicles you cannot relearn without the tool, I think around 2011 on you can't do the up/down pressure thing any more...Mike.
PS forgot to mention that even with the tool you still have to initiate the sequence as described, look at the manual closely, the part about the 4 sec headlight switch is tricky until you get it down correctly.
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That would be an obvious cash rip-off by dealers if we can't swap our own winter/summer tires ourselves. I'd just try to disable it.


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In the old days I was buying every special tool because I came to learn that they save a lot of time, money, broken parts and banged knuckles in the long run. Now my level of effort in auto maintenance is much less and my interests lie elsewhere so I am not as quick adding to my tool box. It is not as much I am adverse to buying the tool. In fact this link is for a reasonably inexpensive tool. http://www.uobdii.com/wholesale/el-...-oec-t5.html?gclid=CKL5hqfq1NICFQlYDQodgsoGPQ One issue is I can't seem to determine if in fact which tool will do the 2007. Plus, my frequency of rotation is once, maybe twice a year, so the tool would be shelved more than used. At this rate the non-tool relearn process would suit. I don't like disabling a feature, I'd rather have the convenience and functionality of the item.
I will go back into the manual and spend some more time to see if I can get a better handle on the light switch activation of the system. Maybe it is a case of operator error. Thanks, I appreciate the comments and dialog.
Just a suggestion for anybody contemplating getting the tool, maybe contact the manufacturer or seller to confirm which one to get.


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Good suggestion. Unfortunately, a lot of these places unless you go to someone like snap on or other top shelf supplier it is hard to get a response. Take the link I provided above. Appears to be an off shore business. Did email them, no response to date. None the less, good suggestion if you can make it work.


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This is the one I bought about 3 years ago and it's worked flawlessly on three different GM vehicles. And yes you can get them cheaper from China if you're not in a hurry.
Funny thing is that I get free tire rotations where I buy my tires but, the hassle of making an appt. and waiting or dropping it off, makes me want to do it myself so, this makes it a little faster to do....Mike.

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I ripped my sensors out after a month of owning our 07 TB. Been running around with the idiot light on for 7 years now.


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I ripped my sensors out after a month of owning our 07 TB. Been running around with the idiot light on for 7 years now.
Yeah that's how I feel about TPMS too. My 07 Colorado was the only vehicle with it and when I bought it (used) it said "Serv TPMS" on the DIC and the TPMS light was on. It was like that the whole year I owned it and I never did anything about it. I had a very low tire on my Envoy once (it didn't have TPMS) and I felt it the moment I left my driveway and I turned around and drove a different vehicle. If your tire is low enough to be an issue you will feel it.

TPMS hasn't got better, either - my friend has a 2015 Ford Transit Connect that the TPMS light has been on for a long time. We followed the online instructions to relearn it, and the light will go away for like a day, and come back. Yes, the crappy Continental tires that it came with are losing a little air (apparently they all do after about 30K) but not quickly enough the TPMS would notice, so it's just a sensor issue.
Really, the only time TPMS should be required is if you have run-flat tires.

I just bought an 07 TB LS and the light is on solid, which means one of the tires is low. Because it's an LS, I have no DIC so it doesn't tell me which one is low. When I switch to winter tires, I might not even bother getting sensors for them and leave the light on. But then, my wife is a nail magnet and will usually destroy the tire before noticing.

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