2007 – Yukon Denali AWD – Rear Seat Entertainment + Aftermarket Radio – no fader?


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I have a few questions about my new/used truck. So … I just bought a used 2007 Yukon Denali AWD. It has an aftermarket radio – Pioneer AVIC-X940BT – Navigation Radio. The radio works. The prior owner had it installed at a shop. I’m hoping they did the job properly. I have not looked at how they did the install. It does appear they used some sort of interface like an Axxess/Metra unit. The chimes work and so does the retained accessory power and the steering wheel controls. It seems to me whoever did the job knew something. I am familiar with these interfaces. I have installed a few and they work if you wire them correctly. I’m just trying to determine if it’s working the way it should.

This truck did not come with factory NAV but it did come with the rear seat video entertainment - LCD screen thing. I did get the original radio just in case I can't figure this out. I can always swap that back and see how it behaved from the factory. I would rather not do that.

So - I noticed that there are no rear speakers playing. If I use the fader control, nothing comes out of the rear speakers at all. So the question is, does this have something to do with rear seat entertainment. To be more specific, are the rear speakers permanently tied to the rear seat video. If so, that would mean the radio is probably wired OK. Or should the radio be able to drive the rear speakers …. Or is there some sort of switch that ties the rear speakers to the rear seat video only when it is used?

Any help would be appreciated. I kinda wish the truck did not have rear seat video – but it did so that’s the way it goes.
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