2006 GMC Envoy XL with Bose...Need new rear speakers.


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My rear door speakers are messed up. They are humming, popping, and cracking. I know it has the bose sound system. When I turn on the care it says bose on the cd player. Im confused if I have to get special speakers to hook up to the bose system, and all that. Can anyone point me in the right direction of what size rear speakers I need, and if I need a certain type, or brand. Thanks for any help!


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A good resource for this is crutchfield.com. This website will show you the correct speakers for your system (and sell you some, if you want). But the rear speakers are not special, even with the Bose system. I think they are 6 1/2 in the back. I did replace mine, it was not difficult, just bought some standard Pioneer speakers. I did have to cut the factory harness off in order to attach the wires to the new speakers.


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IF you have the OEM Bose amp, you need 2ohm speakers. If you try to run 4ohm speakers, they'll sound like crap.

If you have an aftermarket HU, I'd replace everything with Skar speakers and run new wire straight of the HU.

If you don't have the amp, just get some Skars, throw them in and enjoy.


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In addition to the good advice you've been given here, make sure it's not the amp that's causing the problem -- they're known to go south, and I have 2 bad ones (3, actually, since I have the same issue in my Sierra).

If you notice that the 'snap crackle & pop' occurs after the vehicle has been sitting in the sun for awhile, or after a few minutes of operation (but not necessarily at startup)... the amp becomes a prime candidate. You can remove one of the rears and test it elsewhere to confirm. Or, you can get what you'd use as rear replacements in a 'new' system, and install them; if you still get 'rice crispies', you know it's the amp at that point (and you're ahead, cost- and time-wise). You don't need to spend a fortune on the rears -- they're there for 'fill', and your main soundstage is in the front. That's where you make the main spend on speakers. Some people don't even run rear door speakers.

In the short-term, you can use your balance / fader to isolate to a 'good' channel(s), until you decide what you want to do. If it *is* the amp, it's an excellent opportunity to just upgrade to a new BT-enabled HU / speakers / (and if you want it, an amp). Get an adapter harness (two main vendor choices, which are discussed on this board in several places), and you'll have a much easier time of it. Also, disconnect (if not outright remove) the Bose amp, so you don't have the needless current drain on the electrical system, going forward.

As far as repair / replace the Bose amp... even *if* you were to find a resource to repair it, the cost is exorbitant, compared to just getting an aftermarket. And the used ones on eBay, etc. (which are also priced fairly high, due to supply / demand) are really just borrowed time -- you don't know how long that new one will last, and when it goes, you're back to square one.


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Well I bought a new pair of speakers for the rear doors. It was passenger side that was making all the crackling and buzzing sounds. So I put the new speaker in, and tested it before putting the door back together....nothing. I had a speaker setup on my boat where I could disconnect the speakers and try new ones quickly. The old bose speaker worked perfect, and so did the new speaker. So I am guessing it is either a wire problem, or a problem with the amp like mentioned above. I just taped up the wires on the passenger rear door, and left it disconnected. No more buzzing, popping and all that noise. Dont know if its worth the cost to get a new amp. Im happy with the current sound. doesnt sound like it lost much by disabling that 1 speaker.


Maybe try to find a used Bose amp at a PnP if you have one nearby. I would check the wiring first. Don't forget to check from the radio to the amp. The wiring schematic would help here. Check my signature for the link to the manuals.

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