2006 Envoy Denali XL Proper OEM Spring Part#s or Best after market solution...


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Jan 9, 2012
Hi all,

New member. Helping a friend out. The air suspension is toast and we want to replace with Springs. GM springs seem to be a better deal than aftermarket but willing to consider after market. After research on here and calling around I need help with a couple of questions.

2006 Envoy Denali XL 100k miles.

  1. GM lists over 8 Part #s for the Envoy Denali XL. Clearly we want the spring that will provide the correct ride and ride height. Does anyone know the right part # or the one that works. Apparently these could be ordered with or without the air suspension. Z71 springs will be too stiff from what I can tell.
  2. If there is no clear answer or option on GM is there an after market spring that fits the bill? I have read that some drop the rear and the ride is wrong requiring a spacer.
  3. If we choose to replace the air suspension, I looked on the Arnott site. Would you go with the Gen II Air Springs or the Stock OEM GM ones they sell. It looks like stock "clip in" better. Also are the air pumps they sell decent and truly OEM?
Sorry for all the questions! And thanks in advance for help. Would like to get this cranked out this week.


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Nov 19, 2011
Portland, OR
I've never put in air bags, but the Arnott ones can't be that bad to fit. GM messed up the OEM design and I'm not sure I'd reward them by buying the replacements. Dealers can usually tell you the exact coil on the original vehicle by the VIN, but if it had air bags, that might not work. A Denali XL is among the heaviest of the heavy, so it would be one of the two stiffest units anyway if it's 4WD. Arnott pumps are not OEM, but presumably they fixed the traditional things that break easily on the GM unit.

All this is by memory of years of postings on the OS - not sure if an Arnott customer will see this and post up.


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Jan 9, 2012

I found this post from one of your threads on the old site. Is there anything applicable for me here? Can I just grab the spring with the hughest spring rate since it is an XL denali Envoy? or are these springs just for the trailblazer?

Main discussion here:
BDS 2" Sus + Japan 2" Springs - Chevy TrailBlazer, TrailBlazer SS and GMC Envoy Forum

Spring#,Rate(N/mm),Check Load(N),Free Length(mm),Label Color
81, 50, 6820, 418.8, Lavender
82, 53, 7240, 417.0, Dark Green
83, 56, 7578, 415.7, Gray
84, 60, 7934, 412.6, Pink
85, 63, 8307, 412.2, Light Blue
86, 67, 8646, 409.6, Orange
87, 70, 8988, 408.3, Dark Blue
88, 74, 9331, 406.8, Light Green
89, 77, 9674, 405.5, Tan

Spring#,Rate(N/mm),Check Load(N),Free Length(mm)
YUZ, 29.4, 3720, 422.5
YND, 31.6, 3833, 421
YHH, 34.4, 3953, 410
YHK, 36.8, 4186, 409
YNF, 33.9, 4186, 420
YHL, 39.3, 4439, 409
YNH, 36.2, 4439, 419
YHM, 41.9, 4692, 409
YNJ, 38.5, 4692, 418
YNK, 40.6, 4945, 418
YJU, 42.7, 5199, 418


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Jan 9, 2012
After sending me multiple messages about how much BETTER and responsive this site is to Trailvoy, I am woefully dissapointed in both sites. Other than Roadie, no help or responses. I frequent saabcentral and xcforums frequently for my other vehicles and can always count on helpful and multiple responses almost alwasy with the correct answer or helpful link.....I guess not so much here.

Since I have solved my own problem I am happy to share:

Moog Springs Part#081049 - Napa $80 can be found online for $60, but with shipping basically a wash
Billstein Shocks Part# 24-103350 - Tire Rack, best price on the web, need to call as hard to find on their website.

I am installing this weekend and removing the Air Suspension. Let me know if you have any questions I will be HAPPY to help......


Dec 4, 2011
Sorry we couldn't help but realistically not a lot of people drive xl here and regardless I would suspect almost no one would order an Exact oem spring. So I don't know how you can get testy over that. Type in your model on one of manyyy automotive parts websites and they will pull up an Oem spring OR an Oem copy. I didn't even see this post so my apologies.


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Jan 9, 2012
I really wasnt looking for an Exact OEM spring. Was looking to get some help on selecting the right spring and since I always do my research on the forums "search" first that is what I would come up with. Since I got no responses I had to deafualt to either the Arnott/Strutmasters solution or an OEM equivalent such as MOOG. For $80, MOOG seemed like a low risk alternative and I know I don't want the Z71 springs....

Thanks for your ultimate reply.

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