2006 Chevy Silverado Issues

Kristen Snow

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This morning I went out to start my truck. Truck highly struggled starting but eventually did; however will not start now. Listed below are the current symptoms present:
  1. Will not start
  2. ABS Light On
  3. Battery Light On
  4. Shift Light Indicator unlit
  5. Gauges do not read correctly - fuel=zero(full tank), oil pressure=zero, volts=0
  6. No overhead lights
  7. No radio
  8. Key fob will not lock/unlock truck and door panel buttons will not lock/unlock
  9. No power windows
  10. Information center states "Service Brake System"
  11. Code Reader states "No link" when connected to truck
I have checked fuses and ground connections. All seem to be fine.

Can anyone provide any feedback or suggestions on what might be the issue? Looking into it, maybe a BCM?


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Sounds like the megafuse blew to me.


Battery? Bad connection?


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(1) Check the Label on top of the Battery for the 'punch-outs' showing the Month-Year of its installation. Anything over (3) Years in age should be suspect for further durable performance and storage capability... especially for regions such as the Colorado Rockies that experience Deep Cold.

(2) Using a DMM, determine the Battery Voltage prior to start and look for an optimum voltage over 12.5 Volts DC. If low, place the Battery on a reliable Battery Charger @ the 2 Amp Setting at least for a few hours.

(3) Drive the truck after Jump Starting it over to an AutoZone or Advance Auto and request that they perform a FREE Battery Stress Test on it AND the Alternator. Be prepared to purchase a New Battery if called for. Avoid selecting the Low Yield (Short Life) Cheapest from the Store.

(4) If the Battery Voltage is nominal... review the information linked below and consider following the Diagnostic Procedures to isolate any Parasitic Draw that can drain the Battery over night:

Eric "O" from South Main Auto Diagnoses a Parasitic "Dead Battery" Problem on a 2003 Chevrolet Silverado that turns out to involve a SHORTED OUT INSTRUMENT CLUSTER PANEL in this Two Part Video Series for a more in depth look at solving the issue:

Part I

Part II
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