NEED HELP 2006 4.2/AT 4x4 Trailblazer: Programming failure at 50%

After getting a physical dongle and the 3 disc set of discs for Tech2 for $20, I got it installed on an IBM T61 with TUS9B USB to RS232 connector. Well, I got everything loaded on the Tech 2, said it was downloaded- I had to use a 120v wall adapter to keep the Tech 2 on for successful download.

I am using a Chinese clone of a Tech 2.

It went ready to program. I unplugged it from the T61 and had it hooked up, followed instructions and I tried to program it.

The Tech2 got to progress of 50%-51% and then read:

Version 2.000

Programming Failed !

Utility 12590496
Line 06 Operation 34 Errorcode FB
Line 07 Operation B0 Errorcode FB
Line 07 Operation B0 Errorcode FB
Line 29 Operation EE Errorcode 00
Line 07 Operation 00 Errorcode 00

Press More

Utility 12590496
Line 29 Operation EE Errorcode 00

Tried to program again and got the same result. Just what I needed.

Passthrough will not work either.




First question is why were you trying to reprogram it? Was it giving you problems?
First question is why were you trying to reprogram it? Was it giving you problems?
I made the mistake of taking my Trailblazer to the the local GM dealership to get the driver side door harness fixed. Kept getting incessant letters from GM.

Got home ok, went to start it next day, no love. Nothing in fact.

Checked battery, checked everything I knew of, then thought- hey, had a Jeep once where the shifter cable was beeped up.

So I got under it, forced the shifter lever into park, and it cranked, but check engine and every other light was on.

I hooked up my OBD-II and over 100 codes pulled.

I took it to the one decent GM mechanic(I had thought he still worked at the dealership) and he said that the shifter cable was bad, the ECM/PCM is basically just a ground but it is bad, and on the J2 middle pig tail there is a grey "lever" that flips down and locks the pigtail onto the J2, he says j1 j2 and j3 all have ends that lock on using that flip down mechanism. They had forced J2 into the locked position using a screwdriver or something similar.

He said that the under of the Trailblazer had grass stuck every where, that the shifter cable had grass stuck in it, etc. He also said he found a printed VIN tag on the ECM itself and it was from a Colorado. He said it is not correctly programmed to my Trailblazer, that's why there is a blue million codes, and he no longer had access to a tech 2 to fix it. He said if I could get the ECM/PCM software for a 2006 Trailblazer and a Tech 2, and trick the Tech2 into thinking it was plugged into GM's network- I could fix it. He would not attempt it, and no one else I can find will attempt it. I live in BFE's BFE.

The GM dealership called me and their former mechanic a liar, said TY,FY,GB.

So I need the pigtail that locks onto J2 with the flip down lock, or I need the lock.

I have a Ching-chong special complete GM Tech 2 with software that is supposed to be here Friday.

But he said I needed to fix the lock on the J2 pigtail before I tried to fix anything else, as the ECM/PCM is just a ground. What it is the name of that flip down lock ? Can I buy it off Ebay or is it a salvage yard only item where I will need to buy the pigtail and the flip down lock ?

Thank you all.
Mooseman said:
So how would it have a different PCM if you brought it in for door harness work? Or is there other info you ate omitting? Swap or something?
Anyway, the Tech 2 you are getting will be able to program the PCM with the included Tis2000 which us good up to 2009. You'll need a laptop with XP to install it, preferably with a serial port. Check my thread in the Tech 2 section.

I replied:
Nothing left out. I got my Trailblazer back eff'd up.

Tracking says tomorrow for Tech 2. I got out a Touchpad with a serial port emulator and installed Win XP.

Still have to find that flip down lock to ensure to everything works.

Dear Mr. Mooseman: Thanks for all your help.
I lied I left something out.
The night I went to pick it up, the dealership had closed but they had put the TB where I could get it. When I started it it the check engine came on it, but I went on home. That is where I seriously effed up.

This dealership- JJ- is the only GM dealer in an 80 mile radius in Western NC. I found out from talking to one of their competitor dealership's parts manager who once worked for JJ- that they get in a vehicle for a warranty repair(mine was in for a warranty repair) and they use that warranty repair vehicle to beat on sell one on the lot. It is not uncommon for them to take off the state issue vehicle tag and put a dealer tag on it and drive them home.

It was not a coincidence. And it sure looks like I am screwed because I can't find a parts manual online, and I went to the local Pick-&-Pull and they had a 2005 4.2 LT in the same color as mine even and the ECM connector uses a 5/16 or 1/2 bolt to hold the ECM connector on. They were going to give me the ECM connector because one of their boys has an '08 Duramax and they messed with his ECM, and they felt bad.

The transmission cable on mine worked fine in park and pulled back into gear but would not return to park unless you got under it and forced it forward.

This afternoon I found a pretty bad dent on the passenger side fender when I washed and clay barred it. They had tried to knock it out.

I went by this morning and the service manager would not look me in the eye and just asked me to leave after I told him my story(I did not mention the year, color, or specs- just said Trailblazers) and showed him some pictures of the engine compartment. One kid working there on a Buick Ranier noticeably quit what he was doing and just disappeared- no one else did. When I asked one final time about the connector, the service manager got red faced, raised his voice, and said "That 2006 is a 12 year old vehicle, sh*t goes bad on 12 year beaters all the time". He knew me, the vehicle, the year, and the specs the moment I walked in the door and this has been over a week ago now- kinda odd there. My 2006 was my favorite vehicle and had 54k original documented miles on it, including matching Carfax miles, DMV miles, and I was the only owner.

I'm pretty upset right now and I figure I am screwed. If I hadn't listened to my wife's bitching about GM's Recall Notices none of this would have happened.

If the car gods are looking out for qI am going to fix it right, get the fender replaced and continue sporadic driving. Including the weekly 15mi Sunday drive.

I will read up on the Tech2 and Dongle. No doubt I will need help there
I got the Dongle crack- would not work.

Finally waited 90+ days from China for a physical usb dongle and 3 software discs.

Ran all three discs.

Used the 120v adapter to power the Tech 2.

I got it where the Tech 2 says it can now program the PCM.
On my old PCM, the best I could get to happen was to get a failure to install the software from PC to Tech2, failure to use Tech2 as Passthrough, and finally ?

I left it off after doing all that, charged the battery fully, and it would start.

Automatically go into limp mode.

Was pulling 142 codes.

Would idle 15 minutes or so and D-I-E. Not recrank. Unhook battery. Put battery on slow trickle to make sure it was strong, start a few days, later still in limp.

Tried to program it(factory PCM) first. Didn't get to 51%. Got to maybe 20%.
On my old PCM, the best I could get to happen was to get a failure to install the software from PC to Tech2, failure to use Tech2 as Passthrough, and finally ?

I left it off after doing all that, charged the battery fully, and it would start.

Automatically go into limp mode.

Was pulling 142 codes.

Would idle 15 minutes or so and D-I-E. Not recrank. Unhook battery. Put battery on slow trickle to make sure it was strong, start a few days, later still in limp.

Tried to program it(factory PCM) first. Didn't get to 51%. Got to maybe 20%.
And here I am.


You know, you could have just posted a link to the original thread, LOL!
But I do remember it now. What a mess.

So did you replace the broken connector and lock? If they effed up the connector, I wouldn't be surprised if they also screwed up the pins in the PCM or shorted it out. I'd also inspect carefully the other connectors.

I don't know if the Colorado PCM will work. I would try to source a same year and engine PCM, which would eliminate the need to reprogram it except for the security relearn. However it won't help if the connector is still borked.

But to be able to reprogram, all you really need is the leads to + - and the data bus. 3 wires. Someone else made their own benchtop connectors to reprogram modules that way. That's with the old style bolt on connectors.
P10 PCM Benchtop harness with BCM\Radio support?



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I was thinking about the OP's problem of not being able to re-program his PCMCIA Card...and since the New GM PCMCIA Cards cost only around $22.00 then the easiest thing to do would be to Buy a New Pre-Programmed Card ... and if his "GYMKO" Tech-II Scanner Boots and Passes all Diagnostics... the original can be placed in the second slot (closest to the Bottom Cover) and re-formatted as additional Solid State Storage... or simply set aside. Anyone with earlier 10 Megabyte OS PCMCIA Cards that do not have the later updates might also consider getting one of these.

One last and important thing to know ... is that the TECH2s have a feature that allows for the Duplication of the OEM GM OS PCMCIA Card. This involves placing a New, Unformatted Virgin 32 Meg PCMCIA Card into the Second Slot and using the TECH2 Programming Option ... it will copy all of the Original OS Data ...Byte-4-Byte over to the New PCMCIA Card. Besides the obvious benefit of doing this... the PCMCIA Card Technology is considered "a consumable electronic device" and therefore can lose its ability to function over time if exposed to excessive heat, shock or innumerable Read-Writes. Also ... the Female Pin inserts in the card can also wear Out from excessive use. Just know that the only way to obtain the VERY latest version of the TIS2000 SW (33.004) is to Buy a "GYMKO" Hand Held or the Complete Kit to obtain it. THIS version will be slightly earlier....but will still work well.

The Price is Right... and with Free S&H from China...they are available in quantity at this link:,searchweb201602_5_10152_10151_10065_10344_10130_10068_10324_10547_10342_10325_10546_10343_10340_10548_10341_10545_10084_10617_10083_10616_10615_10307_10313_10059_10534_100031_10604_10103_10142,searchweb201603_6,ppcSwitch_5&algo_expid=206967fd-c279-4996-8622-d9cd68ec22d0-1&algo_pvid=206967fd-c279-4996-8622-d9cd68ec22d0&transAbTest=ae803_5&priceBeautifyAB=3
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First, the OP hasn't been here since Oct. 2017. Second, it has nothing to do with the memory card. His programming of the card is not at issue. He couldn't program the PCM, failing at 50%. If his PCMCIA card was faulty or not loaded, the Tech 2 would not work at all. The card contains the parameters to communicate and recognize vehicles up to 2014. That is all. When doing SPS programming of a module, Tis2000 loads the programming into the Tech 2 and you then "sneaker net" over to the vehicle, plug it in and program the module. Internal memory and the battery holds the info during the jog over to the vehicle.


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Yes… of course…Thanks… I understood all of that from recently reading these instructions:

But I thought that the issue of the Failed Writes during the use of the SPS Laptop via PASS-THRU using the “GYMKO” Programming actually getting Interrupted and Failing to complete ...might be due to another cause as per other sources and instructions mentioning to ‘...examine whether or not the PCMCIA Card is either improperly or incompletely inserted into the Slot “0”… or determine the possibility that the PCMCIA Card is damaged…

I agree that the On Board Laptop TIS2000 SPS Software might be working perfectly… but if the PCMCIA Card had any problems and the PASS-THRU processes from The TIS2000 Laptop addresses the “GYMKO” via preogramming… then the Full Read-Writes might suffer as a result. Since this made perfect sense to me, I thought that part of the solution about obtaining a working, inexpensive PCMCIA Card would be very relevant and useful in sort of ‘killing two birds with one stone...” But I can also agree with you that this suggestion should be deleted and dispensed with if you deem it otherwise without merit or if the topic is completely closed.

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