NEED HELP 2005 tb wheres the filter????

hello to all, newbie to the forum,... now a little background I have a 2005 trailblazer 4x4 that I bought 5 years ago had 89.000 on 4.2 now it's got 109.000 and it's been bulletproof no problems till now.......

Now its starting to have problems starting on the cold mornings 32- it will start but it takes some cranking and it acts like you lost a cylinder on start up then clears up, last year in the freezing cold it would fire right up no the first thing is to replace the plugs I am assuming they are the factory originals...what else to look at??fuel pump pressure??

the other thing is, does it have a fuel filter??? and where is it?? I have looked but nothing..also finding one, nothing at auto zone, oreillys, advance, rock auto claims to have 3....

thanks in advance.........


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In 05 GM started putting the fuel filters on the Envoy/Trailblazer in the tank itself. So if you want to replace the filter, you have to replace the entire pump/sending unit as they are one whole assembly.


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Might look into the Intake Air Temperature sensor. If the PCM doesn't see the actual temperature it will not call for the correct air/fuel mixture.
Check the fuel pressure. Be careful attaching the fuel pressure tester to the port on the fuel rail as it can crack at the weld and leak. (Ask me how I know :worried:)

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