NEED HELP 2005 silverado 4.3liter V6 rwd 5 speed manual.


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So I recently bought a used 2005 silverado 4.3liter V6 rwd 5 speed manual. At fist I had a hell of a time shift in to 3rd. I maybe drove 1000 miles and loud sound started. Like I was dragging my muffler or something. Changed the clutch and the slave cylinder and nothing changed. Drained the transmission and there was no fluid at all. I also noticed so needle bearings at the bottom drain. So I'm going to attempt to tear it apart and see what's wrong. Any advice, diagrams, parts lists,, videos or anything would really help me through this. I have looked everywhere and can't find anything accurate or even close. It's my only vehicle and don't have money to buy a new transmission or vehicle. Anything helps thanks.


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Oct 22, 2015
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Damn... That GM NV4500LD "New Venture" 5 Speed Manual Transmission is an expensive, complicated Piece of Kit. The Re-Mans run around $2,000-$2,500. While this linked Transmission Service Manual is for a Dodge-Chrysler... GM uses essentially the same Base NV4500 Transmission for its 1991-2007 Trucks.

At the very least... this Document will give you some idea of the complexity of this Five Speed Box and the requirements for Very Special Tools and the need for a Tall Skill Set as well that should dissuade you from the idea of trying to work on this in your Garage. It will also show you where the various Caged Needle Bearings are located inside as well to compare against what you have unfortunately found in the bottom of the Case.

Your Best Bet is to call around or haunt the Local Salvage Yards and see if you can get a good deal on a Used One. There are also some National On-Line Parts Search Sites that can try and locate what you need as well:

But... If you are Bound and Determined to do this work... (There are other YT Videos as well on this subject)

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Jan 6, 2013
More than ;ikely it's just a New Venture Gear 3500 light duty 5 speed...not the iron cased heavy duty 4500. Same difficulties exist with an accurate diagnosis and repair. Manual transmission parts don't come cheap. I'd swap it out for a rebuilt. Good luck OP.
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A long, long time ago I did the 5-speed on a Chevy Monza - the Canadian version.

As I pulled each sub-part out I was greeted with a rain of needle bearings.

It wasn't all that bad to reassemble as I used Dr. Tranny - a think green greasy goo made for assembling automatic transmissions.

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