2003 sonoma problems. need help


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My daughter has a 2003 sonoma 4x4. On her way to work this morning she had cruise on and she thought it cam out of gear cause the engine rpm went way up but truck slowed down.She turned the cruise off and puled over and it died.Tried starting and it sputtered and bucked and died. I called a tow truck and an hour later when they got there it stated up but it smells of rotten eggs so bad you cant stand it. I just started it in garage and it starts fine and idles but you cant stand the smell of rotten eggs. What could be wrong with it? I am afraid it will quit her again.It has the 4.3 engine and automatic and 4x4.


if the cat is plugged that could cause the vehicle to stall or if its not filtering the exhaust right it will smell wicked too.. had this happen on a 92 dodge shadow.. cat broke down and smelled bad of rotten egg then eventually it got clogged from the particles of the cat getting pushed through the remaining honeycomb of the cat.. kept stalling also if the fuel pressure is to high it will have a lot of fuel that is not being burnt and sending the hydrogen sulfide through the cat and its not being converted

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