2002 Suburban, 2500, 4 x 4 Value please. Details as follows....

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Considering purchasing a 2002 Chevy Suburban 2500. 177 K miles. Rebuilt transmission with warranty from AAMCO. New or rebuilt Vortec 6.0...(waiting on paperwork for rebuild or new status). It has leather seats, captains seats front and rear. Missing third row seat (don't need those anyways so no big deal)

It has passed smog, minimal cosmetic damage. Original owner. Everything works. All electrical, etc...

It has the G80 Differentials, full skid plate off road package. Tow package. Etc....

I've done all the Blue Book, Edmonds, Car Max, NADA, pricing, etc....Just can't seem to get a realistic value. They go anywhere from 3800.00 to 10,000

Friend of mine owns it. California vehicle with smog cert....Asking price is 7000.00

Any input is appreciated.....


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Sounds like a decent price for my area in Alabama. From what I've seen, anything full-size GM from 1995 to 2007 goes for no less than $5k but most are close to $10k if in decent condition. The lower end is beat up 300k mile vehicles.


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In CA that's probably a good price..
Little more than I'd be willing to pay but depends on body condition for me as I can do everything but body work...


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I searched Cars.com nationwide for 2002 Burbs / Yukon XLs, by private party seller. There were no 2500s - all were 1/2 ton. Most expensive was $4K, for one in RI. 260K miles, but well-cared for.

I almost bought a 1/2 ton Burb once...I remember it was about 5K or so, for an approx. 10yr old vehicle w/ 160K or so (if memory serves right). Comfy. Big (bigger than even I wanted; I use my trucks to haul gear with).

I'd try $6K, and see how badly he wants to get rid of it. If it runs really well, meet him in the middle at $6500. Note that if you decide to sell it, you may be looking awhile for a buyer, at the price point you want - people who want 3/4 ton are generally going for the pickup; your typical Suburban buyer is someone who is generally fine w/ the 1/2 ton, IMO (family haul over max tow / off-road). If I'm right, you may find that you get it for the $6K - ? :smile:

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Thank You Reprise for your efforts. That is the dilemma. Not many 2500's out there to compare to. Especially with factory off road G80 lockers and skid plate packages. Any more input is appreciated. c good


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I added '2500' as a keyword, and changed from private seller to 'all' - and came up with three - three - in the entire country. 8900 w/ 136K mi is the most expensive. Since yours has the captain 2nd row, it's likely optioned up to LT trim, I would guess (not an expert on Burbs).

The real reason I posted again, though - I noticed the 2002 has a 130" wheelbase. That's only 1" longer than my '03 Voy XL. ONE inch. I knew my 370 was longer than a SWB Tahoe / Yukon - but didn't know I was within 1" of a Suburban's WB. Guess I learned something today... (yeah, I know the Burb is a much bigger vehicle than the small difference in WB would suggest)
With the miles it is all in the condition. If body is good and no rust anywhere, plus the newer drivetrain stuff...I would think 5-6, but if friend and one owner, maybe few bucks more for knowing history.

I do not think you can get a G80 front diff by the way.... Never known GM to use a locker up front. Rarely they did a limited slip, but in a newer suburban I would think it is open as front diffs typically are.

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Thanks Hardtrailz or the info. Is there another build code for the front differential that will tell me? I didn't realize the G80 code was only for the rear differential.
I dont think unless it is something like the the old syclone you could ever get a front diff that was anything but open now that I looked around some more. So there will not be a code, just a standard open diff.
Locking front diff is bad news for CV axles. I think someone retrofitted some sort of locker into a GMT360 front diff and totally destroyed his CVs shortly after. (Maybe it was a different platform, not sure, but it wasn't pretty!)

I can't think of many cases where a locking front diff would be all that helpful the majority of the time.
There was a locker available for the front, but they are MIA these days. There is someone making a high dollar limited slip as well.

GM did not use LS or lockers with IFS front apparently from all I can find. I completely understand why and I really think the only front locker i would run would have to be air or electric selectable. Too much downside to something full or parttime not under my control.


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The 2500 with the 6.0 is a desirable combination. In New England, if it is a fairly rust-free example a 200k mile unit will fetch between $5k and 7k. It's a big margin around here for some reason. I did see a low mile 2005 Yukon XL 2500 6.0 for almost $17k in California but it was a sub 100,000 mile unit in amazingly good shape.

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Thanks everyone for the input. So this one only has the G80 differential in the rear. Understood. Thanks also for the add'l pricing info. They do seem hard to find in the 2500, 6.0 configuration. I'm waiting on some add'l paperwork on the engine rebuild/replacement status before I make an offer.