eBay 1999-2005 and 2007-2010 Chevrolet Silverado GM OEM Service Manuals on CD


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If you have the need to cover repairs for the Chevrolet Silverado Pick Up Trucks beyond the Haynes and Chilton offers… There are two GM OEM Service Manuals on CD available via eBay for under $20.00 a piece:

The first version covers the years of 1999-2005 Silverado and is NOT so official looking… but it does indicate that it will work with both the Windo$e and the Linux Operating Systems:


... the second one looks to be "THE" OEM GM 2007-2010 Silverado, Professional-Commercial Windows Version:


FYI... I ordered the last copy available on eBay of the 2000-2006 version of the Latter CD ("THE" OEM Professional -Commercial one) so I can hedge my bets between the two of these. By getting both... I want to be prepared ...just in case I cannot get the this official version fails to install using the Linux "WINE" Windo$e Emulation Layer.
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The first one has the TB manuals on DVD as well - less than $17 shipped. If keyword searchable, might be worth a look -?


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The "REAL" GM OEM 2000-2006 Silverado DVD Windows Version arrived tonight (I thought it would be a CD) and it is definitely a COMPLETE set of Documents, Component Imagery, System and Wiring Diagrams and Repair Instructions in discreet PDF Formats that opened and read properly using Linux Mint 18.3 OS. You can also drag and drop them ...individually ...or all and sundry if needs be...into a Desktop Folder as well.

I could NOT be more pleased!

Still awaiting the Non-OEM flavor to arrive...