NEED HELP 06 TBSS no-crank, no fuel


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Jun 18, 2022
I've been trying for 3 days to search this and many other sites and tried everything with no luck. My 06TBSS will start, from all my research here is all the info I have come up with so far. It doesn't turn over, the fuel pump does not come on, I have no CEL(key on engine off), the gear indicator light is off, headlights always on, I have no communication to ecm via obd port. I have checked the ignition switch, I have checked all fuses, checked all relays, I have pulled harnesses off ecm cleaned with electrical cleaner checked pins and reinstalled, I have split the fuse box cleaned checked circuits and reinstalled, I have checked the fuses that I read are supposed to power the ecm, and fuse 23 gets no power. Does anyone know where 23 gets its power, or what to check next.


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Oct 22, 2015
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Organize your Diagnostics along THESE Lines:

(1) Fuse #23 is a 15 Amp Fuse servicing the ETC (Electronic Throttle Control) Module.

(2) Visit THIS Link for access to a helpful Interactive Fuse Panel. Just hover your Mouse Pointer over the Image to identify the Fuse Locations:

(3) Check Over The ENTIRE Engine Harnesses (and Plastic Connectors) under the Hood looking for any signs of Mice or other Rodents Damaging ANYTHING down there. Your sudden Non-Starting Symptoms are extreme enough to deserve diligence if you see any Feces, Urine Stains, any Greasy appearance on flat surfaces and any accumulation of Pine Needles, Dry Grass, Animal Fur and sections of the Hood Insulation Liner gathered for nesting. Use a Bright Flashlight to assist with Very Close Inspections.

(4) Spend some time watching THIS Video in order to follow the Procedures to Take the Class 2 Network completely Off Line at the Two Splice Packs (1) Under the Driver's Side Kick Panel (2) Beneath the Carpet Flap under the Rear Passenger Seat:

(5) For Much Better Vehicle Wiring and Fuse Block Schematics, showing any variations with the Splice Pack Locations for GMT360 SUVs with V8 Motors, follow THIS Link and the Instructions there for How to Download the right one for your particular SUV:

(6) From Start to Finish... You'll appreciate knowing what is in Will Robinson's Video. It is THE Signature Instructional for Diagnosing whenever any Single Module brings down the entire Vehicle Network. So having a Tech 2 Scan Tool or other High End Scanner and an Oscilloscope like the PICO-Scope Model# 2204A or a Hantek Model# 1008C are inexpensive and very useful Tools that can help you as well.

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