02 Envoy died while driving "low oil pressure" wont re start


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Jan 24, 2012
my check engine light came on so i went to the autoparts store and used the scan tool. i got p0014 cam positioning sensor bank 1 timing advanced. diddnt do anything about it countinued driving and started to notice a rough idle at stoplights. I was driving to work one morning and noticed the temperature gauge slowly started rising. It would eventually get upto 225 degrees or so then immediately drop back to normal operating temperatures (210 degrees). on that same day home from work i diddnt notice anything wrong. the temperature was at 210 the whole ride. Side Note: I drive 50 miles round trip on the highway to work everyday. so thinking this was just a fluke i did nothing about it, however the next day on my way into work it started acting up again doing the same thing as before. when i got home from work this time i allowed the engine to cool down to check my coolant level. It was very low and ended up taking not quite a gallon but a heck of a lot. I took it for a little ride got it up to operating temperatures and noticed no similar problems again.

A couple days later I drive to work and everything is fine. on my way home my "check gauges" light came on and noticed my oil pressure bouncing from 40 to 0, then back to 40 and so on never staying at 0 for longer then a second or 2. everytime it went back upto 40 the check gauges light would go off. I immediately rolled my window down when this started happening to listen for lifters ticking or a rod knock of some sort, but heard nothing the vehicle was running fine. for the past year now parts have been starting to take a crap one by one as expected it is 10 years old with 116,000 miles on it. so this lead me to believe my gauge/sending unit was starting to crap out as well. I continued driving for about a mile or 2 before noticing the oil pressure was not jumping back to 40 and staying stuck on "ZERO". now im on the expressway going 70 mph so i started making my way over from the left lane expecting to now start to hear some sort of noise that would indicate no oil being pumped through the engine, but nothing. It seemed as if it was loosing power and as i depressed the accelerator it wasnt doing much of anything at all untill all of a sudden it downshifted but continued to rev untill i released the pedal. while all of this is going on im checking the temperature gauge with the rational being if it had no oil it would A: start making noise, and B: start to overheat, but i got neither as i pulled off to the shoulder the engine just died out as if i turned the ignition off. after i rolled to a stop i popped the hood and checked the oil and it was full and diddnt notice any metalic flakes in it. I got back in the car and attempted to restart it with no success. it did nothing it wouldnt turn over at all. the starter would just click and the lights would dim untill i let of the ignition. and thats about where i sit any help would be greatly appreciated I love this truck and it makes a perfect driver to run back and forth to work.

i have previously changed out the cam positioning sensor, cleaned the throttle body along with Mass air flow sensor. I did a basic tune up at 100,000 miles including delco plugs and a new air filter. And i also change the oil every 3,000 - 3,500 miles. What are the chances the engine actually did seize even tho the lifters didn't tick or anything?


Dec 4, 2011
I'm agreeing with wulf an easy troubleshoot would be the battery mine just went dead and my truck was acting absolutely insane. It worth a try so I would do that and report back what you find out. Just had another member on here as well with crazy gauge behavior and it turned out to be altenator issues. Rule out the simple ones first work smart not hard lol :smile:


Dec 21, 2011
Damn never knew a battery could do that to you! The batteries are electronic (or whatever they're called "don't add water to them anymore like in the old days")? There's that small lens in the battery, if it's green then it's ok but if it's black then it's toast.

My earlier battery lens went black but didn't notice at first. I just noticed extra flickering while starting up my TB. Took a look and that was it. Changed the battery and things went back to normal. Thankfully I did if all this can happen from a battery!:crazy:


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Nov 19, 2011
Portland, OR
fadyasha said:
...The batteries are electronic (or whatever they're called "don't add water to them anymore like in the old days")? ...
"Maintenance Free" :wink:


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Jan 24, 2012
I started thinking the same thing and last night I disconnected the battery and threw the charger on it when I get home from work today I'll give it a shot. I just bought this battery a couple months ago, but I know I guess it could be bad

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