02 avalanche full console to 04 avalanche jump seat

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Hey guys, I traded my 05 envoy for an 02 avalanche. My AV has the full center console with rear AC vents, but I need the jump seat. I found a guy who has an 04 av with the jump seat who is willing to trade. My question is, will they be a direct swap and he will be able to use the vents? I figured they were the same mechanically and the jump seat trucks just have some kind of cover that blocks the ac under the dash, and maybe I could pull the manifold off of mine and swap it with his cover plate? Not sure if any of them came with it, but mine does not have any kind of rear AC controls, just literally a piece of pipe that runs from under the dash to the rear vents, and blows whenever the front is blowing. Is the 02 console to 04 jump seat possible or were they changed?KIMG0086.JPGKIMG0060.JPG


I have absolutely no experience with this specific application, however, I can tell you that when I swapped in the '08 G8 console into my '11 Caprice, there was a cap in the spot in the front HVAC where the rear vent duct connected into perfectly. What I can also tell you is that what comes out of those vents is minimal no matter the settings. Check the output of your buddy's rear vents to see if it's worth the trouble.

Was the rear vents an option in '02? Check where the vents connect in his '04 to the front HVAC and see if the spot exists on yours. Check the online microfiches for parts placement. Just like with the cabin air filters for the GMT360/370, there could be a cap or the hole was never cut out.


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My understandings, there is a cap, and a foam mesh just inside the duct that has to be pulled.
redline customs

redline customs

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@Mooseman I have the 02 and have the full console with the rear vents, so unless this was put in previously, then yes they were. I know its not usually what happens but I have the full console and he has the jump seat which I need.
@TollKeeper thank you, I've gotten mixed answers so I guess the only way to find out is to just try it. If nothing else and it doesn't work, all I lost was a few hours and gained a chance to clean the nasty console joints and carpet under it. Coffee spilled in it or something and smelled terrible when I first separated the pieces. The little foam paper "gasket" between the console portion and the filler that goes in front of it was brown and basically fell apart🤮

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