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  1. Shdwdrgn

    Intermittent horn

    Hey folks, '04 Trailblazer and since this Summer my horn has been working intermittently. At first I just assumed one of the switches on the steering wheel had gone bad, but it doesn't seem to make any difference where I press. It will work fine at times, and other times I get nothing at all...
  2. Shdwdrgn

    Any way to slow oil usage?

    I have a 2004 TB with 160k miles on it. I seem to be going through at least a quart a month of oil, although there are no drips on the garage floor nor is there any obvious smoke while running. I have been running Amsoil (signature series) full synthetic 5w30 since I bought it at 63k miles...
  3. Shdwdrgn

    Aftermarket radio with Bose amp

    I'm looking at getting an Android stereo... FWIW it's a chinese seller off ebay, which I know I'm taking a chance, but such is life... So the one thing that I cannot seem to get any info on is the output. The unit is listed as 45W x 4, but nobody can seem to tell me if it has standard...
  4. Shdwdrgn

    Speaker hum after hitting a bump

    2004 TB with the Bose 6-disc player. This is *very* intermittent, occurring maybe once every month or two. Basically if I hit a bump, or go over some rough tracks, I will start to get a loud hum out of the speakers (seems to be louder on the right side). There's a general buzz that never...
  5. Shdwdrgn

    Radio compatibility - Bose 6CD

    I have a 2004 TB with the stock 6CD Bose unit. Over the past few years radio reception has gotten progressively worse. I picked up an adapter and an aftermarket antenna, but it barely made a difference. My morning drive puts me within 40 miles of downtown Denver yet reception of some of the...
  6. Shdwdrgn

    Vent actuator intermittent

    I've noticed a couple times recently that the AC won't blow from the front dash vents, it only comes out from the floor. Changing the modes, I can get a bit of air to come out the top of the dash, but other switching between modes has no effect. And yet if I stop the truck, then start it...
  7. Shdwdrgn

    Recharging AC - What pressure?

    I picked up one of those recharge kits with the gauge that adjusts based on air temperature. This weekend it was about 95F outside, so I had the dial spun all the way up. That puts 45-50psi right in the center of the 'ideal' range for recharging. So I rolled down my windows, cranked the AC to...
  8. Shdwdrgn

    New carPC project in the works

    I thought I'd take a moment to document the new project I'm trying to put together and see if anyone has suggestions or helpful tips to add... My truck has the 6-disc Bose system, however between the failing CD loader and the recent antenna problems, I decided it was time to start moving...
  9. Shdwdrgn

    Radio antenna help

    I've been having trouble with reception for the past couple years, but generally it has been fine for my morning drive so I wasn't too worried about it. Last week the reception dropped out almost completely. I can pick up stations in some places (like my driveway), but I'm pretty much dead on...
  10. Shdwdrgn

    Tuning the A/C cutoff

    Has anyone with a programmer played with the A/C disable settings? I was hoping to find something based on TPS (my real problem is when trying to take off fast from a stoplight, but not WOT), but the only thing I can find is an RPM disable, which doesn't seem to actually be used. My stock...
  11. Shdwdrgn

    Replacement side mirrors

    I'm trying to replace both side mirrors on my truck. I found dealer on ebay selling a "TrustBuilt" brand for about $40 more than the typical Kool-vue crap, so I thought I would be getting a better quality mirror. Image my surprise when the Kool-vue boxes arrived on my doorstep! According to...
  12. Shdwdrgn

    New concept for light bar

    I've been wanting to streamline my roof lights, and thought it would be nice to mount them inside an oval-shaped bar. My lights are nothing special, but they do help when needed. I have the extra criteria that I want to mount the sensor for my radar detector inside the bar, so metal is out of...
  13. Shdwdrgn

    Information on converting P10 to P12

    My search-fu is failing badly right now. I've run across some threads mentioning that several people have successfully converted their P10 to a P12 PCM, but I can't seem to find the discussions of HOW it was done. Can anyone point me in the right direction? The basis of this search is that I...
  14. Shdwdrgn

    Recommended grease for 4WD disconnect?

    Getting ready to change my front differential next weekend, and since I've been questioning the disconnect (although it does still work reliably in warm weather), I was going to clean it up and pack with some new grease. The question is, what KIND of grease? I think I've seen synthetic...
  15. Shdwdrgn

    Is it normal to still have stickers?

    After spending the day under the read of my truck, I have one burning question... Is it typical to still have so many factory part# stickers on parts? I have 95k on my truck, and I noticed stickers still intact on one rear spring and the driveshaft. I did see some other stickers too, but I...
  16. Shdwdrgn

    Quick help please?!?!?!

    Having just swapped out my rear axle, I am stuck on reassembly... I am using the same rotors/calipers/brake pads on the new axle, however I cannot get the caliper to compress to pop back in place. I tried opening the bleeder until fluid was running out of the line, but still cannot get the...
  17. Shdwdrgn

    How to update computer to match gear change?

    I'm making the rounds on various sites to see what answers I get on this, because oddly enough, it doesn't seem like this is something many people have actually done? I am changing my gears from 3.42 to 4.10, and if I don't tell the computer (not sure if its the PCM or TCCM that handles this)...
  18. Shdwdrgn

    Confirmation of axle size?

    I found a rear axle with GT5 and G80 codes from a 2005 Envoy XL. Can anyone confirm for me that all of the XL models (which I assume is the same as the EXT) should have the 8.6" differential?
  19. Shdwdrgn

    Anyone used automotix.net?

    I've been searching for an 8.6" GT5 rear axle, without much luck locally. I found these guys who list several for sale at $416 including shipping (I'm waiting for an answer back on the mileage). Seems a bit high, but considering the shipping cost is probably rolled into that, it might be about...
  20. Shdwdrgn

    Tuning for DFCO

    Just some more notes while playing with HPTuners... I have been trying to adjust deceleration fuel cut-off to work smoothly and help improve gas mileage. The stock settings are crap -- I can't think of any situation where it would actually cut in due to the combination of MAP and RPM settings...
  21. Shdwdrgn

    HPTuners trying to reset fuel trims

    Anyone else had issues with resetting the fuel trims in VCM scanner? The options are all greyed out, so I assume this means our PCM doesn't allow the trims to be reset... or am I just doing something wrong?
  22. Shdwdrgn

    Section for discussion of custom tunes?

    I've seen a number of members here are using HPTuners, and was wondering if there would be any interest in a new section dedicated to tuning our platforms? I know there's a bit of discussion on HPT's forum, but it seems like we might benefit from more specialized topics? Some specific topics...
  23. Shdwdrgn

    Badlands winch from HF

    Anyone else noticed that Harbor Freight has their 12,000 pound winch on sale? $399 is the sale price, and only $299 if you have the coupon (which I saw in one of their flyers around January I believe?). I've considered other brands of winches, but this seems like a heck of a deal. Offroad...
  24. Shdwdrgn

    Denver area axle swap?

    I've been playing with charts the last couple days, and determined that for my use, I really need 4.10 gears. The problem is my truck came with 3.42 gears, and since I have a 4x4 I need to do both front and rear axles, which will probably kill my budget. So I thought I'd just put out some...
  25. Shdwdrgn

    Recommendations on paint touch-ups

    I picked up one of those cans of color-matched spray paints today and did a test patch on the cross-piece from my original (now broken) grill. I thought I might get a close match, but I didn't expect it to be this close! Out in bright sunlight, I cannot see any difference between the old and...
  26. Shdwdrgn

    Help understanding fuel trims

    I've mentioned this in other threads, but I need some guidance trying to figure out my mileage problem. This has been going on for well over a year now, however I didn't have any solid info until recently. Essentially what is happening is that my gas mileage is virtually identical regardless...
  27. Shdwdrgn

    Curb view mirror troubleshooting

    The other day while washing my truck, my driver's side mirror moved against the ratchet. No big deal, I thought, since when I started it back up, the mirror moved back into the saved position. Except that since then, the curb-view no longer works on the driver's side. The passenger side...
  28. Shdwdrgn

    Kudos for replacement grill

    Since I don't see that we have a section for giving kudos to vendors, I thought I'd throw this out here... My original grill broke, and since I couldn't find anyone locally who had a color-matched part, I figured I'd go for an unpainted part online. The first place I tried to order from wanted...
  29. Shdwdrgn

    A question about cargo nets

    I have a SWB model, and I noticed in the cargo area, on either side just behind the seat, there is a recessed D-shaped area with a black screw in the middle. I am wondering if there was a factory option for a cargo net tie-off that mounted in these areas? Or possibly if there is a tie-down...
  30. Shdwdrgn

    LED light bars

    I know this has been brought up before, but I was just scanning ebay and found these gems... LED technology is really jumping forward lately! These are 5mm bright-white LEDs rated at 45lm or 100,000mcd. From a quick online search, it looks like a set of 200 of these will give me 9000lm...
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