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  1. DocBrown

    NEED HELP 2003 Trailblazer transmission

    Do a search on Transgo shift kits. The kit comes with metal actuators to replace the stock plastic ones which crack over time and allow fluid through them, which can cause sloppy shifts. I put one of these kits in my old '03 TB and it made a dramatic difference. That said putting it in involves...
  2. DocBrown

    Looking for a unique idea for a new mod?

    Resident. It's been a while but I the sales stat was the entire state. From a legal counting perspective, GMC and Chevy are different brands, but they are the same trucks save for trim and a few options. GM far outsells them all. That said I've driven mostly GM my entire life, that interior...
  3. DocBrown

    Looking for a unique idea for a new mod?

    I'm a little surprised it's not a Chevy. Chevy 1500s outsell F150s in WI.
  4. DocBrown

    Looking for a unique idea for a new mod?

  5. DocBrown

    Auto 4WD strangeness, help me confirm my thinking

    I don't disagree which is why I took it in. They said if the rear wheel is slipping while turning it's going to be engaged and the wheel hop is showing it's actually working as it's supposed to. When going straight I can't feel the wheels slip like I could on my '08 Sierra and my TB. But I know...
  6. DocBrown

    Auto 4WD strangeness, help me confirm my thinking

    Just a follow up. The dealer says it operating normally, binding is normal when the wheel is turned, even in Auto 4WD if the system is engaged. So, it doesn't look like we're getting any more heavy snow, but next time I use the system I'll turn it off when turning corners. That said they at...
  7. DocBrown

    Auto 4WD strangeness, help me confirm my thinking

    I talked to a dealer today, not the one I bought from because of the distance away, but one I've had good service from before. They said that doesn't sound right, like it indeed going into 4HI. I have an appointment to drop it off next Wed. Thanks all!
  8. DocBrown

    Auto 4WD strangeness, help me confirm my thinking

    Naw, just normal acceleration. I mentioned the CPO because I'm planning to get it in, I just wanted additional thoughts. I really appreciate it!
  9. DocBrown

    Auto 4WD strangeness, help me confirm my thinking

    That was my understanding. I was thinking about the age of the fluid too. My guess is due to low mileage it was never changed.
  10. DocBrown

    Auto 4WD strangeness, help me confirm my thinking

    I got a 2016 Silverado Z71 LTZ 2 about a month ago. CPO and 37k. I don't think the previous owner ever had in snow or salt. This is a rust free truck. I mean, really rust free, which is phenomenal for any 5 year old vehicle in WI. The only rust is a little on the muffler. I also don't think the...
  11. DocBrown

    2006 Denali Battery type

    I'm actually surprised 48 volt systems are not already common. I read a number of years ago that manufacturers were going to start using them. Both my old 2008 Sierra 1500 and the 2016 Silverado 1500 have top posts. They are an odd design though. The posts are sunk in on the corners so that...
  12. DocBrown

    2006 Denali Battery type

    Funny this conversation comes up now. I just bought a very low mileage 2016 Silverado LTZ a few weeks ago. We had sub zero weather over the weekend and the truck turned over slow. I'm putting a new AGM battery in this afternoon. After lots of reading yesterday this seems like a good option, it...
  13. DocBrown

    Longevity of the 4.2 and 4l60e

    That's awesome if you have the time to do all of that.
  14. DocBrown

    Longevity of the 4.2 and 4l60e

    I will say this. In 5-10 more years the issue becomes weakening spots of frames and other structural components. The other thing that happens is parts start to become scarce. I had a '95 Suburban that I bought with 107k miles. I think it was 8 yo when I bought it. I drove it until it had about...
  15. DocBrown

    TSB# #100601008G : Excessive Oil Consumption in AFM V-8 Engines 2007-2011

    Oh yes, I found this about a year after I got my Sierra (it had 85k back then). My intention was to get the updated valve cover but never found the time. Or the desire. So I pop $14 every 6 months or so to replace the #1 and #7 plugs to prevent a CEL and limp mode. It's got a 160k on it now and...
  16. DocBrown

    Delete Account? (Traded the TB)

    I drive a reliable 4 cyl Chevy HHR with 169k miles and I will probably never own a Mitsubishi!
  17. DocBrown

    Is your vehicle spying on you?

    I get the desire to have cameras in the house to watch small children and infants, but I can't think of any other good reason to have them inside. If one is worried about getting video of an intruder they probably already have outside cameras. Even if it was my own closed system, having cameras...
  18. DocBrown

    Is your vehicle spying on you?

    Doesn't matter if you disconnect anything. Every time you use a credit card or use a store loyalty card someone is collecting data about you. Even before the Internet and the massive connectivity we have today, retailers knew more about us than anyone ever realized. Your movements, your...
  19. DocBrown

    Wiper blade comparisons

    I've found reviews of wipers to be useless. They are subject to weather conditions, climate, and windshield/wiper design. My wife's Buick encore for example requires the frameless type due to the windshield design. Test these buggers in a blizzard at -10 and see what happens. That said I've...
  20. DocBrown

    NEED HELP Hi,I can't get the exhaust flange nuts to budge!

    There's nothing particularly special about the studs. I break them, drill them out, and replace them with standard bolts & nuts. Usually I've been able to all this without removing the CAT and crossover pipe.
  21. DocBrown

    What did you do to your GMT today?

    You did donuts with the kids, or you ate donuts with the kids? Either way it would have been a lot of fun for them! 😁
  22. DocBrown

    How much oil to put in my 4.2 vortex.

    That stupid stick on my old 2003 TB was so hard to read I just did 7 qts and I never had an issue.
  23. DocBrown

    What did you do to your GMT today?

    I actually did this a couple of weeks ago and then went on vacation so didn't have time to post this. Anyway, rust on the rear wheel wells of 2007-2013 Sierras and Silverados is a well known issue. I've done a lot of body work and paint over the years but the thought of rebuilding these panels...
  24. DocBrown

    Transmission line uncoupled

    If that hadn't failed you would have had a leak soon anyway. That rust is about as bad as I've seen it on transmission lines. And it's not just TBs. I just had the lines on my Sierra replaced in March because of a leak due to rust.
  25. DocBrown

    2020 Sierra/Silverdo 1500 DIESEL

    Watch the payload, especially for towing a travel trailer. The RAM and Titan 1500 diesels have horrible payloads. One Titan with a diesel I saw at a car show had a 900# payload. Others I've looked at had about 1100#. The diesel adds a lot of weight to the truck.
  26. DocBrown

    Banned or Invisible TrailVoy Members- Check in and tell us why

    Funny this thread came up again. A couple of weeks ago a guy with a TB posted on an RV forum I'm on and commented how the old site seemed kind of dead. :biggrin: Of course I gave him the quick spiel and sent him here. I was invisible at the end of my time there because I was sending people...
  27. DocBrown

    Car Stalls won't restart.

    Fuel pump? BTW, the 4.2 is known for being noisy. when I had mine I started listening to other GMT-360s/370s and I could always tell which had a 4.2.
  28. DocBrown

    Woman Steals 100 Million SSN and CC Info affecting the US & Canada

    I heard this on the radio this morning. Big surprise. Many years ago my wife's Capital One Visa was skimmed. They used it to withdraw large amount of cash from ATMs in Canada. When I asked how that was possible as we purposely do not set pins on our credit cards they told me that someone...
  29. DocBrown

    High mileage oil

    That doesn't surprise me. There was a time when high mileage oil made sense. Back in the days when when GM 5.7 liter engines valve guides would start to wear out and piston slap was actually a real problem. But with today's tight tolerances I just don't see the need for high mileage oil. I don't...
  30. DocBrown

    Ride Comparison

    I really think it depends on the year, condition of the suspension, and the tires. I've owned a number of Suburbans over the years and they ride pretty nice. Not as nice as my TB rode (which was an ?EXT), but my last one was a '95. I would think newer ones are much better. When all is said and...

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