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  1. Kuchar09

    Blower Motor Wont Turn Off

    Well the blower wouldn't turn off so I did a little looking online and figured the blower motor control module might be stuck so I unplugged it and the blowing stopped lightly tapped it with a hammer and plugged it back in. Now the blower don't turn on at all. Pulled the HVACB fuse and looked at...
  2. Kuchar09

    Android head unit

    Ok so basically I am looking at installing a nexus 7 into my TB and I plan on going all out! My current list consist of -Joycon EX Steering Wheel Control PC Interface Link -FiiO E10 USB DAC Headphone Amplifier Link -A new amp and speakers to replace my factory bose Amp Speakers -64GB flash...
  3. Kuchar09

    OEM running board bolts

    I'm trying to sell my running boards and figure if I have the bolts for them I might be able to sell them easier. Unfortunately I can't seem to find the bolts so was curious if anyone knew how many/ what size the bolts are? Thanks!!
  4. Kuchar09

    FS: Spare Tire with Lowering Jack

    For sale is a full size spare tire with lowering jack - $75 This is off of a 2006 Trailblazer LT. The tire has never been used and the lowering jack is in working order! Please feel free to pm me if you have any questions. Local pick up preferred (Chesaning, MI) Possibly ship them but buyer...
  5. Kuchar09

    FS: OEM Running Boards

    For sale are a pair of OEM Running Boards - $200 These are the OEM running boards off an 06 Trailblazer LT. This includes the brackets and the bolts if I can find them.(I'm 90% sure I have them) Please feel free to pm me if you have any questions. Local pick up preferred (Chesaning, MI)...
  6. Kuchar09

    FS: Trailblazer premium edition 17" stock wheels

    For sale are a set of 4 - 17" stock wheels for a Chevy Trailblazer with caps and tires - $300 These are the premium edition 17" wheels from a 2006 Trailblazer LT. The tires have a little life left in them, but should be replaced soon. The wheels are in good condition with normal wear. Please...
  7. Kuchar09

    Raptor liner finally done (PIC HEAVY)

    So my goal was to stop the bottom of my doors from rusting out and also to make my front bumper look better since I never gave it a legit paint job. I went with raptor liner mostly since they have a tintable version for color matching and I have heard good things about them. I bought a kit of...
  8. Kuchar09

    Mirror blinker fuse?

    I'm installing my new mirrors and was trying to test for a blinker wire. I believe blinker is white wire and green wire considering those are the only ones not wired up from the ones I thought i needed. But anyways I had voltage accidentally touched something and had a spark and no no more...
  9. Kuchar09

    Tow Mirrors

    So basically I haven't done anything to the TB in awhile and I think its about time for a mod. While I was heading back to college last week with my snowmobile trailer I got pulled over for no mirror extensions which got me thinking. I'm thinking of going a more permanent option considering 5...
  10. Kuchar09

    Switchback bulb problem??

    I recently bought switchback bulbs from ddmtuning and I put them in today. With running lights on they are white and when I turn my blinker on they flash amber but the white stays on. This makes it very hard to see my blinker, so this is not okay. Before I bought these DDM said that these bulbs...
  11. Kuchar09

    HID ballast fried help?

    About 6 months ago I put hids in my hi, lows, and fogs. I got jettstreams module and add the fog light always on option. I wired all of these with their own relays (off ebay) connected to the battery. I liked my lights to always b on so I made a cap for the light sensor so my low beams and fog...
  12. Kuchar09

    Hid's on snowmobile?

    First off I couldn't find an off topic area in the forum so if asking this is not allowed feel free to move ore delete. Basically I am asking this question here because there were some very smart people on trailvoy that will probably be able to help me and hopefully they moved over to here. So...

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