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  1. Midnyteryder196

    Park Lamp DRL

    okay guys need some input from the gurus.. @Blckshdw Alright finally started to look at the park lamp drl mod.. its gonna take 2 relays, and some diodes, but im pretty sure it will work. just wanting to see what you guys thought.. i of course havent tested this yet, as im not really wanting...
  2. Midnyteryder196

    FOR SALE Take 10% Off Lighting Mods

    Use code: gmtn to take 10% off your order of lighting mods from We just ask that you add your username to the Note to Seller section. Limited quanities in-stock as of right now, full inventory available 7/25/16.
  3. Midnyteryder196


    Just curious on what you guys thought about this for a logo? Maybe on some decals to represent the nation? I have been getting tired of looking at my banner decal, but still want to represent the best gmt360/370 forum on the web, so i came up with this..
  4. Midnyteryder196

    Fog Light DRL Mod

    Fog Light DRL Mod Overview: Alright guys here is a simple way to convert your fogs into DRL. We will accomplish this by using a combination of a capacitor and relay spliced into the wiring at the BCM. This mod keeps the auto headlight function, so when it gets dark the fog lights will turn off...
  5. Midnyteryder196

    DRL Disable with Auto Headlights

    DRL Disable with Auto Headlights This write up will be to disable the DRL function. This method uses a relay spliced in at the bcm and will disable the DRL, along with keeping the auto headlight function, but It will also disable the low beam's night time perimeter lighting function while...
  6. Midnyteryder196

    Fog light DRL

    Alright guys, I think I have figured out a really simple way to convert to fog light drl. Just wanting some opinions of the guys who know more about the electrical circuit than me. First things first, we wire in a capacitor on the headlight wire from the bcm. Next we will use a 5 pin relay...
  7. Midnyteryder196

    WTB: 2" Rear Lift Spacers, also Wheel Spacers or Adapters

    Hey guys, Looking for a set of 2" rear lift spacers if anyone has a set laying around. Also looking for a set of wheel spacers (6x5-6x5) or Adapters (6x5-6x5.5) Let me know what you have! Thanks!
  8. Midnyteryder196

    Rear View Mirror Pinout Info

    Hey guys, so i switched from a compass/onstar/auto dim (16 Pin) mirror last year, to a temp/compass/auto dim. well ever since my temp display shows oc - open circuit. Yes it is kinda redundant to have temp display on hvac, and mirror but i just wanna complete this mod. Its been too long that it...
  9. Midnyteryder196

    Micro Relay Socket?

    been looking at possibly using a micro relay for a project, but want to use a socket instead of just using wire terminals hanging on the pins.. anyone know if they make any sockets for these relays. Socket im talking about is like this..
  10. Midnyteryder196

    DEAL Quad Beam Headlight Diode Kit

    Hey guys I've started soldering up some quad beam headlight diode kits for those who don't want to solder. These kits allow you to have your low beams (quad w/o fogs) or low beams and fog lights (quad w/fogs) on when you switch to high beams, as opposed to factory where the low beam and fog...
  11. Midnyteryder196

    Quad Beam Headlights W/ or W/O Fog lights (Diode Edition)

    Okay so there is already a write up for this, but most of the pictures are gone for it. So I will do one and include my own pictures. Quad Beam Headlights W/ or W/O Fog Lights (Diode Edition) This article will walk you through the steps to install a diode (Quad w/o fog lights) or 2 diodes...
  12. Midnyteryder196

    Netflix - Making a Murder

    Since this is a highly talked about documentary lately I just wanted to see what you guys thought of it. If you havent seen it yet.. I highly recommend it.. for those of you that have seen it, what are your thoughts on it?
  13. Midnyteryder196

    No DRL after quad diode mod?

    Alright guys trying to figure this one out.. 05 tb ls i6. Did the quad diode mod at front fuse box and installed just like i had before on my own and numerous other gmt.. And it didnt work. Low beams didnt come on, and highs were dim. Took the diode out and lows and highs work like they are...
  14. Midnyteryder196

    Happy Birthday High Voltage!

    Happy Birthday Jeff! Hope you had a good time in Florida!
  15. Midnyteryder196

    FEEDBACK Facebook Button

    Was just browing around and decided to click the facebook button, and noticed it went to the gmtnation facebook page. Being the gmtnation facebook group is more active than the facebook page, should the link should go to the group instead of the page? Maybe its not possible to do, but just...
  16. Midnyteryder196

    Battery drain..

    Alright guys have came up with issue the past week of battery being dead in the morning a couple times this week. Back story: bought truck year n half ago from a buy here pay here dealer. They replaced the battery for us. But put in a battery that was smaller than the tray and was only 475cca...
  17. Midnyteryder196

    Usb and audio port

    Alright guys I'm looking at deleting my rear wiper. So thinking about replacing the wiper switch with a blank plate that has 1 or 2 usb ports and a 3.5 mm plug in it. Running 1 of the usb to the usb of my radio and then the other as a power port for charging devices. Then the 3.5mm will also go...
  18. Midnyteryder196

    What's this 12 pin plug for?

    Found this plug attached to the top of the driver side footwell panel (the one that attaches to the knee panel under steering wheel). Any one know what it's for?
  19. Midnyteryder196

    Sequential circuit

    Hey guys got an idea for a mod.. But just trying to figure out how a sesquintial circuit works and how to make one. Looking at powering 3 to 5 arrays of leds. Been doing some research but still a noob to circuits and that so can anyone dumb down how they work and how I would make one? Thanks...
  20. Midnyteryder196

    Misc trailblazer parts LS/LT

    Have a set of trailblazer taillights for sale. The chrome on the reverse reflectors is flaking on both lights. There is a small chip on the passenger side outter edge, but the light is still sealed. They are factory Gm brand. Asking $40 plus shipping. Also have a driver side headlight for...
  21. Midnyteryder196

    Front Bumper mounts

    Hey guys I know it's been discussed on how to repair the mounts from the bumper to the fender.. But is there anywhere to purchase the actual mounts that go on the bumper? I picked up a bumper today and it's missing both of the mounts off the bumper.. I did find the driver side on the truck...
  22. Midnyteryder196

    Stock Fullsize Chevy/GMC wheels with tpms

    Just throwing this out there for anyone round the Iowa or surround area. I picked up a set of stock 07-14 Silverado/Tahoe/Yukon wheels today that I would be willing to let go to a fellow member for $275 for the set. Posting a link to my craigslist add for all the pictures if anyone is...
  23. Midnyteryder196

    03 ext aftermarket radio installation

    Alright guys I just picked up a Kenwood DVD receiver last night for pretty cheap I think. Now I know the harnesses have been covered over n over. But got a few questions so I can understand all this, as this is the first modern vehicle I've put an aftermarket radio in. Factory is a 6 disk in...
  24. Midnyteryder196

    Fuel pressure

    I've watched may's vid on checking fuel pressure and checked mine tonight. In the vid he said 03+ were supposed to be 50-57psi. Just checking is that the same for the lwb? They have a bigger tank so didn't know if there was different specs. For the lwb as opposed to swb?
  25. Midnyteryder196

    Crush it thread

    Alright saw this on another forum. Kinda a fun way to pass the time I think. Rules: just state an issue with your gmt, and crushed it. I will start.. Passenger hid didn't fire when starting the tb.. So I crushed it.
  26. Midnyteryder196

    05+ Door switches

    Anyone find any at a pick a part or somewhere cheap. Let me know.. Looking for all 4 switches, non heated seats... Or any that you can find I guess.. Thanks!
  27. Midnyteryder196

    Fuel tank filler neck.

    Is there a difference between the swb and lwb filler necks? Just found out mine has a rusted out mounting tab at the top of the neck.
  28. Midnyteryder196

    99 Silverado 2500 6.0l

    Alright guys my father wanted me to ask you what would cause his truck to backfire while starting it? It got down to 0° last night, he says anytime it's below 10° outside he has to go out every 3 hours and start it.. If not it won't start the next morning. Well he didn't realize it got...
  29. Midnyteryder196

    Tapatalk issues..

    Anyone else having issues seeing the sticky threads using tapatalk?
  30. Midnyteryder196

    Fuel cap

    Hey guys,I replaced my fuel cap with a Napa brand cap, and now to get it off, I have to grab the whole cap and turn it hard as I can to get it to unlock.. Anyone else had this issue, or what brands have you all had?

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