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    low milage NO RUST bravada if anyone is interested i was looking for headlights for my truck when this popped up i know its not the right forum , but i know this is the most viewed , mods can move if the choose price is up there , this guy specializes...
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    2005 Trailblazer crank no start

    MAIN FUSE ? i had similar issues when my coil died , it blew the main fuse , crank but no start. new main fuse and there was a misfire , 6 new cils and plugs and was good as new
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    Bumper cover support bracket weld or bolt on ?

    15147254 is the part number , it’s the bracket that has the knob / bell on it that the bumper cover slides onto. I can get under the car to get a good look to see if it’s a bolt on or if I need to cut welds and have a new one welded on
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    ac refill for short wheelbase ?

    i have an 05 ext for those that dont know , and looking to finally install my new compressor , drier and rear cut off kit. how much r134 do i need ? i thought the rear cut off kit would come with a new label or specs but nothing.
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    door lock going nuts

    okay , this has me stumped. when i go to unlock my doors with the fob , the left rear door lock unlocks , sounds like 10-15 times rapidly. , locking with with teh fob also causes it to happen. only the one door makes the noise , but all unlock / lock and mechanically work fine
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    Leather seat swap

    that i have no idea on , yuo would need to get a bravada door control to check
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    Front disconnect assembly

    i had a problem with my light also after replacing the disconnect , i unplugged it , cleaned with terminal cleaner and added some dielectric grease and solved
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    Leather seat swap

    wiring diagrams and repair manuals are all free c/o mooseman , go to the top of this forum page
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    Headlights always on

    Left and right windshield pillar trim comes off , Phillips screw , then the front half of the dash. I would pull it out first to see which you have , there are 2-3 different types of sensors depending on what options you have
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    The look of 2012 Tahoe springs and 3 inch pucks

    what size is your light bar ? and what did you do for a switch ?
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    Help 2006 Envoy Denali Driver Seat

    If it is let me know and anyone else can also chime in. It’s not a must have but it is convenient to just set it once A part number would be helpful. And I assume I need a spare parts one cause a new one will need to be flashed like the window switch
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    LED Light Bar as Backup Lighting

    try getting led bulbs , a quality set of low & high wouold be about $60 nothing to wire etc just plug and play was a night & day differnce for me literally
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    Help! Truck cut off while driving and won’t start now.(Good battery)

    can you pull any codes from it ? sounds similar to my situation a few weeks back. i punched it getting on teh expressway and it died. a coil went completley bac and blew the main fuse
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    Help 2006 Envoy Denali Driver Seat

    just a quirk. no repair i can find anywhere and ive looked. sometimes mine retracts , sometimes it doesnt. when i get it i hit teh button and my seat returns to the right spot , my mirrors point up to the sky , no matter how many times i adjust. i just got use to not using it anymore...
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    P0455 followed by P0496

    P0455 , you can try blowing out the solenoid , its easy to get to on the driver side near where the gas filler neck comes down. for P0496 you can pop the line off and see if there is suction. its located on the drivers side of the engine , behind the thermostat you tube has how to's...
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    Key stuck in ignition multiple transmission codes

    found this on the old site , even a new ignition switch didnt help. they used a relay to feed full power
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    New wheels 02 LTZ i6 trailblazer

    i like the wheels , tires also , but the road noise would drive me insane
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    EXT rear ac block off , anything else needed?

    which hose would i need ?
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    EXT rear ac block off , anything else needed?

    pressure and oil im not worried about , thats why im having a shop do it. all they do is ac and radiator work and used them before. do i stick with teh regular ext compressor or a short wheel base one ? any tips on the block off or are the instructions included staright forward ? and...
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    GMC accessories available for the Envoy?

    is there a picture of the radiator cover anywhere ? or is this it ? i didnt know one was available
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    EXT rear ac block off , anything else needed?

    i did a google search and didnt find any install instructions / videos , but a new compressor is the next project and i dont know if teh rear is leaking , but i dont need it anyway so i might as well delete it instead of finding a leak afterwards. @Mooseman i seen you nade a comment about...
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    Power Steering Fluid & Capacity - Flush

    without removing the hose , unless you have a vaccum / pump machine, you will never get a 100% change. turkey baster will be the easiest for doing it yourself and help avoid having air enter the system engine off , i take out what i can, top it off , start the engine and you will see...
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    Headlights always on

    ty all
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    Headlights always on

    Well the dash lights are off during the day as normal , it was the ambient light sensor , and apparently there’s 2 different ones depending on what options you have. Manual ac is a two pin and digital climate control is a 4 pin. I had to wait another day after getting the 2 pin one without...
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    Headlights always on

    The highbeams would go on it I turned left or right. I thought also but the headlights are a different control switch. The sensor is only $20 so I’ll try it
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    Headlights always on

    Right , but if the sensor always thinks it’s night , wouldn’t the delay stay on during the day ? In the daylight the headlights go off when the car is off. The delay only stays on at night like it’s supposed to
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    Headlights always on

    Sorry for the posts. Writting from my phone. Now it’s night time and when the car is turned off the headlights stay on for the 1 min set delay no. Regular headlights. In the bright daylight my headlights are on my dash lights are on radio lights and if I flash to put on high beams Veyron...
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    Headlights always on

    Sorry for the posts. Writting from my phone. Now it’s night time and when the car is turned off the headlights stay on for the 1 min set delay

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