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  1. christo829

    Misfire on #1, P0300 after messing with motor mounts

    Last week was very definitely TB 1, Chris 0.... I decided to finally tackle the motor mounts, and in the process, created a misfire on cylinder 1 that comes up as a P0300. I watched the live data and all the misfires appear on #1. I loosened the motor mounts on both sides, and got the engine...
  2. christo829

    Plastic adhesive recommendations?

    So, there I was, getting ready to change one of my low beam bulbs. Prying clips, when one decides to stick, then pop loose suddenly. When it did, all the other ones I had loosened came free except the driver's side insert piece that goes across the headlight. :hissyfit: On the one hand, it...
  3. christo829

    Resources section?

    My apologies if it's really obvious and I managed to miss it. If so, please point me in the right direction! I've been digging down the lists, but haven't seen a post mentioning these yet. In the chance that I didn't actually miss it, I realize that things are still in development, but wanted...
  4. christo829

    Wow....what changes!

    Sheesh...I lose internet access for a couple of weeks, and look what went on! Managed to drop in to TV once or twice, but only at work, where I couldn't block things, and didn't see the migration. It'll be nice to see things develop here! Oh....and I need to see if HighVoltage is going to...

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