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  1. zach04trailblazer

    Key stuck in ignition(Accessory Position) & other ramblings

    Hey y'all! It's been quite some time since I've visited here and I still own my failblazer (2004) haha After I moved to Montana 12 months ago, my key got stuck in accessory mode. I found the easiest solution was to remove the plastic shroud from around the steering column so I could...
  2. zach04trailblazer

    Low beam problem ( Passenger side )

    About two months ago, I had an issue with my passengers side low beam headlight going out. I immediately replaced the bulb and it started working again for 3 days. Went out again, replaced again and this time I checked the connectors/sockets to the bulb. Both the drivers side and passengers side...
  3. zach04trailblazer

    Did I make a mistake ( Goodyear Assurance P245 / 65R17 )?

    At the beginning of this week I changed out all 4 tires from Blizzaks to Goodyear Assurance P245 / 65R17. The local mom and pop shop here had a deal on them so I made a snap decision to get them. I needed tires ASAP due to the fronts having lost most of their trend and cracks on the sidewalls...
  4. zach04trailblazer

    HVAC problems

    Hi to everyone on these forums! I'm new here and I'm hoping to get some advice/help from you all concerning Trailblazer vehicle issues. I have a 2004 LT Trailblazer with a little over 106,000 miles on it. I've had issues with the airflow cutting completely off on the 5 mark for at least 2 years...

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