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    New truck!

    Today I say goodby to my 06 Envoy. It's been a great vehicle, and at nearly 12 years old, still looks new. Part of that is the low mileage (86k), and part of that is being a garage kept well maintained vehicle. Last night I purchased a 2018 F-150 supercrew. I've been looking for a while, and...
  2. J

    FEEDBACK Thank You Thread

    Thanks to everyone who helps run this forum as well as everyone who posts prompt and helpful replies to everyone's inquiries. I lurk in the forum every couple of days and contribute when I can. The forum has saved me a lot of cash! This site rocks!
  3. J

    How many miles have you got on your GMT

    My 2006 has almost 90k. Just a baby!
  4. J

    "The EVIL Eye...."

    I've had glaucoma since my mid-20's, so I've almost always been to an opthamologist. Over 50 or bog, I wouldn't trust my eyes to a Target, Walmart or other highway eye place.
  5. J

    XUV listed in Car & drivers "flops"

    It's easy for c&d to take pot shots at these cars after they fail. But with few exceptions, the vehicles on their list were all innovative. Without these "flops" and manufacturers trying new designs, we'd still all be driving the horrible square boxes we had in the 80s. As for my Envoy, it's...
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    Pet Peeves

    Just read through all 6 pages, and love them all! What about pedestrians who stop in front of you in a cross walk to answer their phone, have a conversation, etc? "German engineering". A coworker is moving out of country and selling a Porsche and an Audi convertible. Was seriously thinking...
  7. J

    How many miles have you got on your GMT

    11 years old, 80,000 pampered miles.
  8. J

    Which actuator do I need?

    Used this guidance when I replaced the mode actuator in my Envoy. It went off without a hitch!
  9. J

    Should buff right out, right?

    That really sucks for your mother in law. I hope she is ok physically and emotionally. Sounds like the thief got what they deserve.
  10. J

    FEEDBACK Thank You Thread

    I would say thanks to the folks who keep this site running as well as everyone who is always so willing to help others keep their ride running the way it should. You guys rock!
  11. J

    What do you get on a full tank of gas?

    Snow, mountains, hills....isn't that what makes Vermont attractive?
  12. J

    FOR SALE Trailblazer SS

    Not much information, and very little in the way of pictures. Also, being in Buffalo, I'd wonder what kind of chassis corrosion in May have.
  13. J

    Brews - Beers - Whatcha been drinking?

    Just had a Wyerbacher Sunday Mole Stout. Now THATS a beer!
  14. J

    Unknown fluid leak

    MRRSM, you hit the nail on the head! BTW, I think Hardtrailz was joking, not too many folks analyze fluid by tasting it. Although, I do know a few people.... Anyway, because I'm finishing a large home project, we're using the Envoy to go camping next week, and I suspected others were right in...
  15. J

    Unknown fluid leak

    ive had the vehicle since 35k miles and knew the original owner. The AC has never been worked on, do you think there would be dye in it? Unfortunately though, I think you're right about it being AC. There's nothing else in the area that makes sense. I'll investigate more this weekend. Thanks for...
  16. J

    Unknown fluid leak

    So far, the AC works great. I was wondering if it might be the AC but never saw that much fluid from an AC system.
  17. J

    Unknown fluid leak

    Hey all, I have a strange leak near the bottom of the radiator on the passenger side of my 06 Envoy. Engine is the 6 cyl. The radiator is wet and I can't see the source since its above the plastic fan shroud. The strange thing is, the fluid is green and kind of oily and does not smell. This...
  18. J

    Should I Flip My Axle?

    There are kits you can buy to flip the axle. It may be obvious, but you can't turn the axle upside down to bolt it on the other side of the springs.
  19. J

    FEEDBACK Cmon Folks!!! Wheres all the people? Just a year ago this site..

    I admit it, I'm a lurker. I check in a couple of times a week when I get a chance to see what's new. I have seen a plug or two for this site on other, unrelated, forums. I saw a plug for the old site on the rockauto newsletter. Maybe that would help to boost traffic!
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    New to us 2009 Traverse

    Rented an Acadia (same difference) last year when we took my parents on vacation with us to Sedona AZ. Thought it was a very nice SUV. Plenty of room for all of us plus luggage. Took it off road a little and it did just fine. Good luck with the new ride!
  21. J

    Brews - Beers - Whatcha been drinking?

    Truer word were never spoken!
  22. J

    Gas prices

    Paid $2.05 yesterday.
  23. J

    replaced battery and now no air comes out of the front vents.

    Had the exact same thing happen. As the roadie points out, replace the actuator now before the extreme heat or cold. The particular actuator you need to replace is fairly easy to get to and takes about a half hour to replace.
  24. J

    Salty Saturday!

    They can't get people to put down the cell phone or not drive 50 mph in the fast lane, and you expect them to get people to learn how to drive in the snow??? Ain't gonna happen!
  25. J

    WeatherTech rear cargo area mat

    My weather tech fits about the same. Too bad, the one I had in my old blazer fit much better. It does keep the dirt and mud off the carpet, though.
  26. J

    Progress pics of 'Daisy' the '08 Envoy Denali

    You're doing a beautiful job on that Envoy! Truly a class act!
  27. J

    Radio shack closing good deals

    Exactly what I was thinking. Now that they're having close out sales, maybe their prices will align with other stores. The only thing I'll miss is the source of enectronic parts, switches, etc.
  28. J

    front bumper fix?

    Are you referring to the clips on the sides? I had one side come undone when the bumper was clipped by someone. Jb weld to the rescue. It's held now for almost 3 years.
  29. J

    Brews - Beers - Whatcha been drinking?

    Hardtrailz - the Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin Ale IS the BEST I've ever had. Definitely worth trying! Best part is, the Weyerbacher brewery is 15 minutes from my house and they have awesome tours/tasting! other than that: Flying Dog Raging Bitch - great IPA River Horse Tripple Horse
  30. J

    What came in your mail today?

    A recall notice! Yippeeee!!!

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