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    New truck!

    Today I say goodby to my 06 Envoy. It's been a great vehicle, and at nearly 12 years old, still looks new. Part of that is the low mileage (86k), and part of that is being a garage kept well maintained vehicle. Last night I purchased a 2018 F-150 supercrew. I've been looking for a while, and...
  2. J

    Unknown fluid leak

    Hey all, I have a strange leak near the bottom of the radiator on the passenger side of my 06 Envoy. Engine is the 6 cyl. The radiator is wet and I can't see the source since its above the plastic fan shroud. The strange thing is, the fluid is green and kind of oily and does not smell. This...
  3. J

    Torque "like" app for iOS?

    I've seen some posts for the Torque app for Android. I've been looking for a similar app for iOS and was wondering if anyone has had experience with any and would you recommend or not recommend any. Sorry if this has been posted before. I searched the site and didn't dee anything. Thanks! John
  4. J

    Tapatalk sucks

    A while ago, I downloaded tapatalk to try it out. I wasn't overly impressed, so I deleted the app. Recently, an ad for tapatalk kept appearing at the top of my Safari browser, and it wouldn't go away! Pressing the "x" did absolutely nothing. It would allow my to go to the App Store and download...
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    Fuel Filter?

    OK, I have a stupid question. My Envoy is an 06 with the I6 engine. Do I have a fuel filter on this vehicle? I've searched several automotive parts catalogs, including RockAuto, and it appears that GM stopped putting fuel filters in these after the 05 model year. Am I missing something? If...
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    Transfer case fluid change interval

    I've heard a lot about making sure the transfer case fluid is replaced at the 50K mark. I changed the fluid at about 45K because I started to tow with the vehicle and wanted to make sure all fluids remain in top condition, so I guess I'm safe. I was curious, though....what happens if you don't...
  7. J

    Help with airflow mode actuator

    I just pulled the airflow mode actuator because my Envoy had the typical no air from the vents syndrome. The new actuator is the same, but the white external gear is not in the same position. What is the best way to move the gear on the new actuator so it matches the old one so I can install...
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    Front strut question

    I'm thinking about replacing the front struts on my 06 Envoy. Rock auto has Monroe quick struts for a good price, which would save me from having to have the shop do the swap. Are the Monroes ok? Also, is an alignment required after strut replacement on these vehicles? It doesn't look like, but...
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    Weight distributing hitch?

    I tow a small camper with my 06 Envoy. The camper has a gross weight of 3500 pounds, so the tongue weight is in the neighborhood of 350-400 pounds. It was kind of bouncy, so I installed heavier duty Bilstein shocks. That helped for the most part, but it still bounces under some road conditions...
  10. J

    This forum rocks!

    I've always done most of the work on my cars myself, and this forum has definitely helped out quite a bit! In addition to the usual brake jobs, oil changes, tune ups, etc., this forum has helped me to replace my bearing hubs, convinced me to add a trans cooler, and install a front receiver...
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    Trans fluid change question

    I'm getting ready to install my trans cooler, filter and fluid change. When I bought the filter/gasket kit, I was told there is no need to use any kind of gasket sealer. This is not a rubber gasket, which generally wouldn't require sealer. My Haynes manual also does not mention using a gasket...
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    Trans cooler with front Curt hitch

    Hello, New to the site, but it looks like a lot of good information here. I have an 06 Envoy that I just started to tow a 3500# TT with. The Envoy has 50K on the clock, so it is time to change the trans fluid, differential fluid, etc., and after looking at posts regarding towing, I've decided...

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