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    ABS unexpected activation

    I have a 2006 9-7x 4.2 that activates the ABS just before it comes to a stop on medium braking. Doesn't do it on soft braking, doesn't do it on hard braking. I realize these are relative, the point being it does not happen all the time, but can be made to happen consistently under some...
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    2008 9-7x manual says no chains. I have a set of autosock chain alternatives for normal times. (In WA 4x4 must carry chains or alternatives when 4x2 are chains required) I would like to hear about anyone's story of making chains work. Basically, I would like to run chains on all four corners...
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    Saab 9-7x AWD force 4x4 engage

    I tried to help a neighbor last winter pull a car out of a ditch. I was on a level packed snow, so almost as on ice. It was hit and miss as the 9-7x wants to start in 2WD, slip the rear wheels and detect the slippage, then slam the transfer case into 4x4, which also tends to slip the front...
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    Lower Control Arm Oops

    Had a bushing fail on the lower control arm 2006 9-7x. Found many of the ball joints worn as well, so opted to do the whole unit replacement rather than just the bushings and ball joints. This involves taking the old unit out and sliding the new unit into the slot on the frame. These are not...

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