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  1. Aarkon

    Happy birthday swede

    Happy birthday to our own swedish meatball
  2. Aarkon

    Happy birthday highvoltage

    Happy birthday jeff!
  3. Aarkon

    Flip Key Fob

    Has anyone else ever thought of swapping to the switchblade Keyfabs?
  4. Aarkon

    Iowa members check in

    Since we have all these new members lately i want too see how many we really have from iowa to hopefully do a meet sometime next year! So check in gentleman
  5. Aarkon

    Best answer

    Thought this might be fun to see some of the responses no judgements though
  6. Aarkon

    Bose amp replacement

    Im looking at replacing my stock amp for a kicker 4 channel to power my components and was curious if anyone else has and if they know the wire diagram for the amp?
  7. Aarkon


    thought it would be nice to have a thread where people can vent about stuff like people on the roads, something breaking, or even something dumb you did yoursef but not talking bad about other members on this site
  8. Aarkon

    sound mat

    so im curious if anyone has done any sound mat work in there truck and what is a cheaper but still decent brand
  9. Aarkon

    A few 08 Ltd parts

    Ive got a couple of peices off my truck if anyone is interested first is my original grill and my third brake light which is led and already painted with Vht black I also have the door mirror clear signal lenses but they are cracked on top but when installed you dont see it. I tried glueing the...
  10. Aarkon

    Who brought you over?

    I just thought it would be nice to post thanks to the people who have converted others to this site!
  11. Aarkon

    Aarkon's Build Thread

    I finally finished my brakelight after reading blckshdws article I colormatched mine and I love it heres photos of the process

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