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    Trailer Tires. Recommendations please.

    The Geo Pro I purchased has the Castle Rock ST tires on it. They have a bad reputation for tread separation and randomly blowing up. They have very few miles on them but I am going to replace them. 185/80/13 is the size. It is a "D" (1710 Lb) and "L" 75 mph rated tire. I found a Carlisle...
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    What do you all recommend for squeaking suspension components.

    I' have used the AT-205 that Scotty Kilmer on Youtube recommended. It helps rehydrate the rubber. It definitely helps, but doesn't seem to last long. Would a silicone spray on the rubber parts work better?
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    Envoy getting some new tires tomorrow.

    Since I believe I will be keeping my Envoy for awhile now, finally getting some new tires. After lots of input and lots of research I'm getting these. Staying stock size. 245/65/17
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    A.C. Delco Foaming Top End Cleaner....

    Good Evening All, I've read about this procedure here on the forum. I'm wondering if it would be OK to do, regardless of if I have carbon build up or oil consumption. I have noticed a small amount of oil accumulated in the intake plenum. I do have a little piston "slap" that goes away upon...
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    Should I switch to LT rated tires? Old tires still plenty of tread but are 11 years old. Time to get new ones.

    2002 Envoy 4x4. 3000-4000 miles per year. I use it mainly for weekend exploring the local deserts. Mostly trails and roads. No serious "rock crawling" type of situations but lots of sharp rocks and gravel, some steep hills, and sand washes. I recently purchased a small trailer. 2000 lbs...
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    Weight distribution or sway control needed with small trailer

    My little 14 ft Geo Pro G14FK trailer weighs 2100 dry with Gross weight at 3000 lbs. I have a 5000 lb tow rating on the Envoy. Do I need weight distribution or sway control for something this small. I also have a good brake controller installed.
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    2002 cylinder liner failure? Just curious.

    My Envoy still running great, just a little piston slap before warming up. In my research on piston slap I noticed GM had a recall on "sleeve" failures for certain V.I.N. numbers/production runs. I'm curious if my 2002 might be affected. Does anyone know where this V.I.N. info can be found...
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    Alignment needed after replacing struts?

    I'm finally going to upgrade my struts to the adjustable 5100 Bilsteins. Since I'm going to use the 2 inch or 2.5 inch lift on them, I'm assuming I'll need to have new Alignment done?
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    Adjustable 5100 series Bilsteins or In Strut Lift Spacer.

    Now that I'm keeping the Envoy after the Fuse 28/PCM fiasco has been solved, I want to go back to my original intention. I wanted to just lift the front end a little to level it out. At the 2008 I bought a set of 1.75 inch, in-strut spacer from MarkMC on Trailvoy. I never installed...
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    WANTED WTB...Mud flaps/splash guards. 2002 Envoy.

    Hi All, Recently purchased a small trailer and want to put some mud flaps on the Envoy. Trying to avoid flying gravel and debris damage. Thx ..
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    Front tow hook options?

    I pulled my Envoy off the street and into my yard a few weeks ago due to my dead battery. I realized there are no good tow hook options. Other than a whole entire bumper, what are some tow hook or temporary screw in type of options?
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    ATS CRO 505....anyone tried this stuff?

    I don't burn much oil between oil changes but after my oil screen getting clogged up and clearing it up with the Berryman's soak....I'm wondering if this might be worth a try at the end of my oil change interval. It looks like it has gotten pretty good feedback...
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    Starting routine. Is this normal?

    My Envoy has always done this so I'm thinking it's normal but.....let me know if you think otherwise. When it's cold, I will crank it for 4-5 seconds. When I let the key go back to the run position it will usually start. Sometimes it takes a second round....but it seems to catch earlier if I...
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    Bose Stereo toast. Replacement Recommendations Please.

    Well, I got a great couple of weeks with my Bose stereo and C.D. player working and sounding great. It appears that the whole stereo is shot now. The C.D. loads and functions but no sound is coming from the C.D. player or the radio. Something in the tuner/amp is bad. It was great while it...
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    Plastic Dip stick end a problem?

    I saw a post concerning dip sticks with the plastic end breaking or falling off into the oil pan. Is this something I should be concerned about? Has anyone actually had this happen or know of anyone that has? If so, I'll go to the pick a part and try to find one that's all metal.
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    What year Envoy or Trailblazer would you buy if you had to replace yours?

    I' hoping to keep my 02 for a very long time. If it eventually gives up the ghost, what Year/Model would be a good replacement? I need 4x4 for my camping trips. IIRC the 02-05's were the same engines. Are the later model engines that much better? If so, which year would be the best option...
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    Life expectancy of timing chain, guides, and tensioner?

    Since I believe I have worked the gremlins out of my Envoy (new coil, and Berryman's soak) I"m enjoying driving it again. I'm almost at 190K miles. When should I start thinking about replacing timing chain, guides, and tensioner? I know this can be service dependent but this vehicle has been...
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    Marvel Mystery Oil worth a try? Roller cam follower ticking.

    Hi All, I've lived with this intermittent valve ticking noise for 11 years. It hasn't gotten worse. It's just there randomly. I've done a lot of homework and have determined it's not the fan clutch. It's not piston slap (I have minor piston slap but it goes away quickly when it warms up) I...
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    Battery replacement. Will this help?

    I want to avoid the HVAC actuators recalibrating. Will this be sufficient?
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    I want to add a real oil pressure guage. Suggestions please.

    Hi Everyone, Hopefully my Berryman's soak has solved the problem of my low oil pressure at idle. I would like to add and actual oil pressure guage. What is the best way to go with this? I've heard of electronic, and I'm familiar with the old school actual oil line to the gauge also. Any...
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    How long should I let the oil pick up soak in Berryman's?

    Been getting random low oil pressure warning when at idle. Not all the time but I'm pretty sure it's a problem. Installed a new AC/Delco pressure sending sensor. It didn't help. I haven't hooked up an actual pressure gauge but I'm sure it's actually low. I've watched almost all of the You...
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    6 disc CD changer fail after dead battery. RPO "UKA". I believe it is the Bose system. Delphi Head unit.

    It displays "Changer Full" when I push load disc. Then I push the eject disc button and it says eject disc number 1. I for a fact there are no discs in it. It cycles a few time then nothing. It won't let me load anything into it. I''ve pulled the fuse a few times hoping to reset it but to...
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    I connected the red wire for my 7 pin connector. Now it idles low.

    Hi All, I finally connected the "red wire" after many years of owning my Envoy. I recently bought a small trailer and needed to connect it for charging the house battery. Also for the electric brakes on the trailer. Now the Envoy idles a little low. Around 500 rpm. With or without the...
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    4L60E transmission without Tow/Haul vs. 4L60E with Tow/Haul?

    My Envoy has the M30 4L60E tranmission without a tow/haul feature. I'm looking at buying my friends Tahoe. Same year as my 2002 Envoy. His transmission is also an M30 4L60E but it has a "Tow/Haul" button. I understand what the tow haul does. I'm just wondering why my same year Envoy...
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    2002 Tahoe 4x4. 298K miles on a 5.3 Vortec. Any life left? Should I buy it?

    A good friend of mine passed away and he has a 2002 Chevy Tahoe. It was one that was built in Texas. Apparently they were the better quality ones. It has the 5.3 LM7 engine. He has taken excellent care of it engine wise. Oil changes, coolant changes, etc. It has a "built" rebuilt...
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    Going from 245/65/17 to 255/65/17 Any problems? Stock Envoy

    Found a good deal on some Goodyear Wrangler Fortitude HT tires. They are 255's not 245's which were stock size on my Envoy. So they are 10mm wider and 6.5 mm taller. It's not very much but will it throw off my TCM or ECM enough to be a problem?
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    A little taller tire for towing? 2002 Envoy. 3.42 ration

    I'm going to be buying new tires I've had the stock size 245/65/17 now. I recently purchased a small travel trailer. Geo Pro G14FK. It weighs around 3000 lbs fully loaded. I've only towed it a couple of times for test runs. Envoy pulls it fine but I keep it in 3rd as has been recommended...
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    Envoy Towing and Brake Controller Updates.

    Hi All, Towing the Geo Pro G14K was pretty much a breeze. Got the Voyager controller installed. Picked up the trailer this morning at 10:30 am and made th 115 mile trek home from Burbank to N. San Diego. Not many big grades so didn't have a chance to really test it. But...I kept in 3rd and...
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    If trailer house battery is low or dead. Will trailer brakes still work?

    In a previous post, I mentioned I purchased a nice little Geo Pro G14FK trailer. I'm trying to pick it up in the next couple of days. I'm thinking the brakes should work off of the power from my Envoy battery because of my factory tow package and correctly installed Tekonsha Voyager controller...
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    Another Brake Controller question. Right or Left side mount?

    Hi Mooseman and Reprise. Thanks for your great input on the controller. Now I have another question. Should I mount it on the right or left side of the steering wheel? The right side seems a little tight and cramped but possible. The left side is more open for placement and has more room...
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