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    Trailer brake module delete

    Bought a 2009 Tahoe. Found Trailer brake module disconnected. Connector is a mess. Need to know if RPO JL1 is able to be programmed out of system? This is to get rid of message Service trailer Brake system? Truck is ex police and will never need trailer brakes. Driving me Crazy! trying to sell...
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    Water Pump on my 06 Denali 5.3

    Well I had the Joy of doing the water pump. Bought a new Gates w/thermostat, housing, and both belts. Took about 2.5 hours to remove and about the same to re-install including burping the system. If your dreaming of idlers now is the time! I love pulling lower hose to drain system. Thank God for...
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    Air Bag Plastic lines need to find source

    Hello, I have 2006 Envoy Denali which had air ride. I ordered new Arnott air bags but someone of less intelligence cut the white line where it was convenient to cut. they also unplugged the compressor and left the electrical connectors dangling instead of pulling the ECAS #1 fuse. I really need...
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    I disconnected the sensor on the brake booster!

    hello, I am having oil burning and puff when starting. First step was disconnect DOD/AFM at booster. I thought check engine light would come on? No MIL on. Do you think it was programmed out? Still burning oil, hoping to do ring treatment and see if oil puff and burning goes down. I am really...
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