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    low milage NO RUST bravada if anyone is interested i was looking for headlights for my truck when this popped up i know its not the right forum , but i know this is the most viewed , mods can move if the choose price is up there , this guy specializes...
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    Bumper cover support bracket weld or bolt on ?

    15147254 is the part number , it’s the bracket that has the knob / bell on it that the bumper cover slides onto. I can get under the car to get a good look to see if it’s a bolt on or if I need to cut welds and have a new one welded on
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    ac refill for short wheelbase ?

    i have an 05 ext for those that dont know , and looking to finally install my new compressor , drier and rear cut off kit. how much r134 do i need ? i thought the rear cut off kit would come with a new label or specs but nothing.
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    door lock going nuts

    okay , this has me stumped. when i go to unlock my doors with the fob , the left rear door lock unlocks , sounds like 10-15 times rapidly. , locking with with teh fob also causes it to happen. only the one door makes the noise , but all unlock / lock and mechanically work fine
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    EXT rear ac block off , anything else needed?

    i did a google search and didnt find any install instructions / videos , but a new compressor is the next project and i dont know if teh rear is leaking , but i dont need it anyway so i might as well delete it instead of finding a leak afterwards. @Mooseman i seen you nade a comment about...
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    Headlights always on

    I so it seems to just be one thing after another. Driving home from work middle of the day suns bright my headlights come on they won’t go off I tried to turn the car off open up the door close the door turn the car back on headlights are on on the ideas this morning I got a code P0128 so I’m...
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    what causes hub bearings to fail so often ?

    this will be the 2nd time in less than 2 yrs i am replacingmy driver side hub , and im using delco parts. i read a lot of people consider them wear and tear maintence parts , what causes failure so much ? i just started having noise last week and was afraid it was my disconnect getting worse...
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    transfercase output seal part # ?

    noticed a stain on the driveway , got under the truck last night , the tranfer case rear output seal is dripping , but looking for the part # isnt easy , on rock auto i found timken #710660 , just asking if someone can confirm. amazon says it does not fit , but i dont trust their fitments...
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    will unplugging homelink affect anything ?

    i have the homelink console but dont use it , i want to get a blank plate and use it to mount for , light bar switches. i found one cheap on ebay , but will unplugging mine do anything with the radio chimes etc ...
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    Truck died Need help asap

    Started fine. Used the remote start being its 20 here in nyc. Went to get on the expressway and punched it and it died. All singing noises and says service brake system. No codes and won’t start. Cranks fine
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    4wd actuator ?

    Okay. Got the bilstiens in today , but on the front passenger side of the truck , where the axle goes into the differential , it is very loose. Is it the electronic part with the lug that could be bad or the entire differential ? Sorry. 4wd is all new to me and I’ve only used it a few times
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    ive been looking for bilstein struts and i got them finally , along with moog springs and kyb mounts..... only thing is the nut for the strut shaft is missing from both. i wanted to put them together and just swap everything out. anyone know the nut size ? worst case would it be the same size as...
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    suggestion on aftermarket fogs and placement

    i actually have a brand new set of these in the attic , very good quality and light output. any suggestions on where to mount them ? i still dont have a push bar and i have led amber in the stock fog housings. i barely notice them in bad weather...
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    when to use A4wd vs 4WD in snow?

    may sound stupid , but im looking for peoples opnions on when to switch to 4wd in the snow , or do you leave it in a4wd for regular highway driving ?
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    led dash upgrade . led size ?

    maybe not the right place , but i did my cluster during lock down , now back at work and leave at of difference for 20 mins work can anyonyone lead me to led bulb size for the steering wheel , headlight switch , climate buttons ?
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    anyone know where i can bet a push bar ?

    i can only find bull bars for mounting lights i have 2005 , i want a functional push bar , i hont have pull your own yards here , any help would be appreciated.
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    What goes here that the mechanic didn’t put back ?

    This is a pic facing the truck , passenger side. 2 empty copper bolt clips .... whatever it was they took it off when they did the crank pulley seal.
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    crank seal replacement cost ?

    anyone have an idea on the cost of the crank / balancer seal replacement cost ? 2005 4.2 , also any other things i should look at while its apart ? to big a job for me right now , but no idea on costs , i dont have access to all data any more
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    NEED HELP AC compressor question

    In the 4.2 , or any I guess.... the compressor pulley spins freely I know , but , with the belt OFF should I be able to spin the clutch on the front of the pully with my finger? Which in turn turns the pulley Reason being driving to work today the belt shredded. Luckily I had a short Ac...
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    Reoccurring ABS codes

    Maybe this is better suited for the brake forum , but it will hopefully get more views and responses here A while back I asked about a tranny clicking noise when I would slow dow and speed back up. It would disappear if I came to a complete stop and go again. Some suggested my ABS was the...
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    Tranny clicking noise , low fluid

    okay , ever young and stupid and throw a car in park while moving ?? that horrible clicking noise ??? i did a fluid change and did the 1-2 , 3-4 and 3-2 solenoids over a year ago , no codes , just a fluid change and figured why not put new ones in ( ac delco ) i have 120k now i dont put...
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    SOLVED! high beams turn on by themselves ?

    my lows work normal, but the past week my highs turned on on their own with the stalk in the low beam position. yes , my new crv has auto high beams.... but i doubt this thing does 05 ext lt. ive searched and seacrhed and can not find anything , only people who have the lows stop working...
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    looking for a used bull bar to mount lights on , cant find anything local in nyc or on ebay. anyone have one for a 05 tb they dont want or see one in a local pick n pull ?
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    NEED HELP Upper control arm bolts coming loose ?

    2005 ext , did the whole front end over with Detroit axle , all good except the right side upper control arm rear bolt. Few days after I did the job I went to check and had an “I’m an idiot moment” because the bolt was half way out thinking I didn’t thread it all the way in. I tightened it...
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    front axle came apart ?

    okay , well this bright one decided to install a detroit axle 16pc suspension kit in NYC's first heatwave this weekend. while i had teh passenger side knuckle dropped away from the upper ball joint the axle shaft slid out of the boot ! it was the boot closer to the differential , not the...
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    obd not working

    Hey all , well i have a misfire , again. my fault i think , i was stuck with no gas station around and was forced to drive about 20 miles with the light on. i used the wifi veepeak v01 and dash command app and it wouldnt connect... i tried my regular scanner and got code p0300 right away ...
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    Fuel door spring fix

    Don’t know where else to post this , not a major item but just a pain in the ass. My fuel door spring broke while opening months back and I found the piece on the floor as I filled up at the pump. I searched and searched and no one seems to have a fix other than a used door from eBay...
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    app for iOS that runs GM enhanced ?

    I have the fusion app , but its generic obd2 , it wont even read my vin. I want something to monitor individual cylinders for misfires
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    @?$#& !!!! P0300

    Well after putting in new plugs everything seemed okay , I felt a miss here and there’re but nothing constant We hadn’t one day at 4* when I left for work and all was good , cold all week. Then Friday it was around 40* and I started feeling more misfires , no light again. Didn’t use the truck...
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