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  1. Reprise

    2004 Sierra 2500 6.0 no comm with scanner

    One other thing you might check, since it affects writing to the PCM (when I update through HPTuners), and you can do this easily. Does your truck have an aftermarket radio? If it does, pull the fuse to disable it, and see if that helps with reading from the Matco. If your truck has the...
  2. Reprise

    What came in your mail today?

    Got the new fuel pressure regulators from Rock for the Accord. Opened up one of the packages (Beck / Arnley), and inside it is... a packaged Honda kit, their label / SKU, etc. 'Made In Japan', even. Took a little bit of trial & error to take apart the pump to replace the FPR, but it *is*...
  3. Reprise

    Mandatory breathalyzers for new cars

    Saw this on tonight's news, and thought of this thread. It explains: - How they'd likely implement it (cameras; existing tech, passive) - How Europe already uses it (so, likely how'd we use it too) PS: Happy Thanksgiving to all...
  4. Reprise

    Borrowed time?

    I'm starting to thing that of all of those components, the pump itself is the *most* reliable part of the module. My Accord has a similar one, and the FPR is a known failure point on them. In fact, mine has gone south (pump runs fine once the car starts; it has to be primed). Jumped on Rock...
  5. Reprise

    Tech2 group buy?

    Man, that's tempting. I could sell my real deal Vetronix and upgrade.
  6. Reprise

    2004 TB, hard shift into 4th

    Coming in late here, but given the addn'l description, I'd also suspect 4th accum, or perhaps something with disengagement of the lockup (TCC / PWM). The nice thing is that both of those are addressable via the valve body area, with one of the kits a lot of us have put in our trucks over the...
  7. Reprise

    FOR SALE Nice DD ??

    If you like the styling on the car, and what it represents (last of a marque)... why not? The '2nd revision' intake gasket set is supposed to have finally fixed the problems with that, at least. If the 3800 was available in that car, it'd be a no-brainer. Those last forever. And while...
  8. Reprise

    What did you do to your GMT today? [Part II]

    Drove mine into the city proper on Saturday (a little over 120 miles, both ways). On the way back, as I'm about to get onto the interstate, I hear a nasty sound from the front wheelwell (almost like when there's 'air in your heater core' kind of thing). Pull over into a lot, pop the hood...
  9. Reprise

    Tool Talk

    This. Especially on the 'high' setting. What I've noticed with at least HF's LED offerings... they're very 'binary' w/ regard to power. Meaning... they've got enough juice to power them one second, and the next... 'poof'. When you're right in the middle of something under a vehicle, that's...
  10. Reprise

    Mandatory breathalyzers for new cars

    You illustrate my point with the Sierra's child reminder... that uses a weight sensor, just like the front seats do. That paves the way for the buckle switch adds, later on. And, yes -- override is essential (dogs, etc.) But they'd either need to make it 'foolproof' if there were a child in...
  11. Reprise

    07 Tahoe 5.3L DoD killed it, Mama wants a 6.0

    Well, you'd have one-stop shopping, pretty much... but given what you wanted out of the motor / cam... I'm wondering if the LS9 cam would be the best choice for what you wanted to do? That cam, in your engine, is going to be a little lacking down low (the LS9 is a 6.2L supercharged, so that...
  12. Reprise

    After market power steering parts.

    Seeing what @coolride has done with those parts, gives me hope for my Envoy, which looks much like his did before he started (and the rear end of the truck is worse, even). Funny you mention the strap bolts -- I've always used the 11mm, and recently tried the 7/16, b/c I misplaced my 11mm 3/8"...
  13. Reprise

    Power steering bubbles

    I replaced a steering box and P/S hoses in a truck a couple of years ago, and had bad air bleed issues, even though I (mostly) followed procedure for bleeding the air. My local shop told me "new P/S pump". Turned out that the air worked itself out a couple of days later (although I eventually...
  14. Reprise

    Mandatory breathalyzers for new cars

    If anything comes of this, it'll be years away, and way more than 3. There are at least 13 items backlogged for future MY vehicles (you can read more about them HERE ), per the Associated Press story. The one they talk about most, rear seat belt reminders, would be child's play to include in...
  15. Reprise

    2005 Sierra Occasional crank/no start

    My '03 Sierra has this issue; I've been working on it, but haven't resolved it, yet (to which you may think... "so, what good is the info you're giving, below?" LOL... that's fair.) With mine, when it happens, it'll immediately start on the second crank attempt (no pedal). (also, btw, I had...
  16. Reprise

    NEED HELP 06 Trailblazer EXT 4.2 Engine swap

    No worries :wink: I just looked up Tucson, and you're in a different 'quadrant' (Qz is SW, Tucson is SE (almost in Mexico, which means I'd probably have been in for a sweaty experience similar to Moose when he did his swap). Just a little bit far to travel back / forth. :laugh: Although I...
  17. Reprise

    NEED HELP 06 Trailblazer EXT 4.2 Engine swap

    I-10... how far are you from Quartzsite? And how soon do you need this work done? I'm planning on being out that way after Thxgiving. If you find an engine, I can put it in. Or I could swap the head (yes, I know the bolts tend to break). Downside is that I'm more familiar with the V8...
  18. Reprise

    Thinking about a winch...

    This is a great suggestion, and is appreciated. :tiphat::thankyou: (Now I don't feel so bad for making the post... lol)
  19. Reprise

    FOR SALE Passing on / FYI - White '04 TB, SWB 4WD $2000

    Passing on as an FYI, for those who might be interested. Not mine, and I don't know the owner. 178K, 'minimal rust'. Does appear clean from pics. Will need a trans. Located in E. Central WI, about 2-3hrs away from me (I can make a field trip to eval, if interested; PM me.) No underbody...
  20. Reprise

    Thinking about a winch...

    (Mods: Putting this in 'Towing', although if it's a better fit for 'Off-Road', feel free to reclassify it. Thx) Wondering if a winch for a RWD truck is considered 'heresy' or 'blasphemy'... or 'idiotic' :undecided::laugh: I'll explain... I want to install a winch setup in my garage (floor)...
  21. Reprise

    Begging for help on finding correct parts PLEASE?

    I was thinking this, also, but didn't want to 'confuse' things further. But for the routing, length, and fewer connections to potentially leak... this is how I'd go. If you're gonna fabricate, don't be half-a$$ed about it... :tongue::twocents:
  22. Reprise

    What did you do to your GMT today? [Part II]

    Took the Sierra tonight to a pro mechanic I trust to try and discern where the 'thumping' noise is coming from in the rear (and whether I damaged the driveshaft / pinion yoke when I incorrectly installed a replacement U-joint and the retaining clip popped out (long story)). I reinstalled...
  23. Reprise

    Begging for help on finding correct parts PLEASE?

    You're talking some combination of #s 2, 9, and 12 from the diagram? Those aren't unique to GMT360's -- they should be readily available as either OEM or aftermarket. The 'challenge' would be to flare the line correctly. Or is there something else you're referring to, that I neglected to...
  24. Reprise

    Begging for help on finding correct parts PLEASE?

    Here's an exploded view with GM part #s (from a Rainier page, but that's fine) Looking at the layout of these, it wouldn't be too hard to make them, in a pinch. You'd need a flaring tool, obviously. But if I could get my hands on...
  25. Reprise

    07 Tahoe 5.3L DoD killed it, Mama wants a 6.0

    I'll offer my own 'welcome', as well. But after doing a little homework of my own, I'm going to make a different recommendation to you... keep the existing 5.3L, and freshen up the top end with a AFM delete kit, which will allow you to do a cam swap while you're in there. (Unless you own one...
  26. Reprise

    Is a power steering fluid bath bad for my truck?

    And one last note on the fluid itself... if it's left there, it won't evaporate on its own. When I freshened up the Sierra's engine, there was P/S fluid clinging to parts all over the undercarriage, from a prior leak (my hydroboost module). Thought it was engine oil, for the longest time...
  27. Reprise

    What came in your mail today?

    I'm not exactly seeing a problem here (well, one, but I'll get to that in a minute... ) Since these things are multiplying like tribbles, you've got to get them to new homes! Time to start up 'Aaserv's oil filter emporium', online. Sell them in lots of 2, so you don't even have to open the...
  28. Reprise

    FOR SALE MDB Fabrication bumper and skids

    Actually, you helped me w/o realizing it... I didn't know he had accounts on both sites. Ta! :thumbsup:
  29. Reprise

    Thinking of the Baby Duramax

    I'm officially envious. 💚 Be sure to post back with towing MPG, when you get it. I'm especially curious, as our trailers are similar in size / weight. You may sway me over to 'Team Diesel', yet. LOL Looked up the link. At first blush, I'd say 'nope' (I have a similar situation with my...
  30. Reprise

    FOR SALE MDB Fabrication bumper and skids

    If these were for the F/S pickup, I'd be all over them, as I saw them a couple summers ago at a meet-up, and was impressed then. Unfortunately, my Envoy is not what I'm spending time and $ on, ATM :frown: Question -- Do you have contact info for MDB outside of his FB page? I know he runs his...

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