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  1. trailblazer075

    This the last Frenchy's création

  2. trailblazer075

    WANTED 2002 Trailblazer OEM 6 cd charger

    Hello, I look for the charger 6 cd for the car radio BOSE of 2002 Trailblazer. Even if the car radio does not work anymore, I only need the CD changer. Thanks I m from Paris ( France)
  3. trailblazer075

    Frenchy's crazy riders

    Look at the new vidéo from the crazy riders france
  4. trailblazer075

    MY 2002 Frenchy Trailblazer!
  5. trailblazer075

    Happy 2017

    a New vidéo from the french crazy riders! Enjoy
  6. trailblazer075

    This sunday little car show in France
  7. trailblazer075

    My " France"

    mes amis! une fois de plus la france est attaquee ! mais tout comme les états unis d Amerique nous defendrons notre pays . le peuple Francais sait que vous etes solidaires ! merci a vous My friends! Once more the france is attacked! But just as the United States of America we will defend our...
  8. trailblazer075

    Today's French Mennecy American car's and trucks show I am alone with my TRAILBLAZER..... :frown:
  9. trailblazer075

    Frenchy short film

    My friends make this short vidéo "crazy riders"
  10. trailblazer075

    A French US Trucks meeting
  11. trailblazer075

    Wheels restore

    Yesterday morning i m starting my wheels restauration:
  12. trailblazer075

    This sunday US show cars in France There is 400 véhicules!
  13. trailblazer075

    A new French US show car
  14. trailblazer075

    A little french production! Enjoy!
  15. trailblazer075

    Chrome parts on chevrolet trailblazer SS Front bumper

    Hi! Can you tell me , where can i find the chrome parts on this front Chevrolet Trailblazer SS bumper? Trailblazer SS Fog Light Cover Frame Chrome A website ? Thanks to all
  16. trailblazer075

    19 January 2014 French us show car!2142&authkey=!AIzMM8uTKQiT-FA&ithint=folder%2c.JPG
  17. trailblazer075

    Hi! I need some help! Trailblazer Radio Antenna!

    Please ! I need this part for my truck: TrailBlazer Envoy Yukon Tahoe Original FR Radio Antenna 30 1/2 If you have some one! I need the cylinder for the back windows two And calculate shipping coast to send to france PARIS 75020.... Thanks! :thumbsup:
  18. trailblazer075

    Flashers and strobe light
  19. trailblazer075

    I need some help with AC compressor function

    The last week end i change my catalytic concerter and i disconect the battery. And now my AC Compressor doesn t work With the serpentin belt. The 10A AC fuse is ok.... CAN you help me please .
  20. trailblazer075

    This is the last US show car's in FRANCE! (little show)!592
  21. trailblazer075

    My cold stepfather cadillac escalade!

  22. trailblazer075

    Happy New Year

    Happy new year! 2012 is completed with its batch of good and bad news, but 2013 will be had some too. But good it is necessary to profit it is all. The birth of the girl of my job friend will be the best news of this end 2012! Then Ben I wish you with all health, the work, money… If you drink...
  23. trailblazer075

    Merry christmas!!

    Hello everyone! I wanted to wish you with all a merry Christmas. I also wanted to thank you for having accommodated me on the forum. Thank you with all and merry Christmas!:thumbsup: today's "place de la concorde weel" picture
  24. trailblazer075

    ouch my headlight....

    Well now, wanting to add flash in my headlights I made the big stupidity.... I piercing, I had not seen that they were doubled and the chrome portion generated full of dust that is spread throughout the optical ... Not enough stupidity a day I had the bright idea of ​​putting water into...
  25. trailblazer075


    Hello everyone! I need your help, could you tell me what type of filter gearbox day I need for my car. the serial number here: 1GNDTT13S822204104 2002 LTZ 4.2l 6 CYLINDERS Thank you for your help. I'm trying to find a garage in France for make a review.
  26. trailblazer075

    My trailblazer
  27. trailblazer075


    THis is the last week end french us show cars enjoy! LOGNES US CARS | Facebook
  28. trailblazer075

    A new french US show cars in LOGNES (above PARIS)

    Yes its mine with my stepfather's escalade ext
  29. trailblazer075

    My TB maintenance

    the new parts

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