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  1. l008com

    Is a power steering fluid bath bad for my truck?

    Turns out the line into my steering fluid cooler had rotted. Last night it started gushing fluid. But today after getting it repaired fast, I looked around and noticed small puddles everywhere i had been parking lately. And the bottom of the truck is covered in the fluid. So again I dropped it...
  2. l008com

    What's the deal with Steering Racks?

    From research I did many years ago, what I recall is that there were three different steering racks avaialble. One for the short wheelbase TB. Another for the EXTs that has a faster turn rate. And another with an even faster turn rate for the SS. I have a short wheelbase TB and you have to...
  3. l008com

    OBD Fusion + Bluetooth Scanner = Pretty Neat!

    I picked up a $35 bluetooth scanner on amazon, and I bought the $10 ODB Fusion app on the iOS app store. It's pretty cool. I like how I can make my own little mini dashboards. I've been playing around with all the PIDs. Many work, like speed, instant fuel-economy, throttle position etc. Many did...
  4. l008com

    Window Doesn't Sit Right

    My front passenger window doesn't sit properly in the channel. It is smooshed inward and the glass just jams up against it. This doesn't seal and in certain rainy conditions, water gets in. You can push against the glass and force it into place a little bit better, at least so no water gets in...
  5. l008com

    Oil Filter Removal Trick?

    Is there some way to change your oil in your truck without making a huge mess? No matter how much oil I let drain out of the drain plug, I always get a huge flood coming out when I unscrew the filter. It gets all over your hand/arm and also all over that cross piece that spreads it all over and...
  6. l008com

    LED Bulbs in Retrofit Projectors?

    I brushed on this topic a few times in some other threads, but I figured it could be useful as a stand-alone thread. Has anyone purchased the typical retrofit projectors and then threw LED H1 bulbs in there instead of going with an actual HID setup? If you've done this, how did it go? Good...
  7. l008com

    DRL-Killer Mod Undid-itself?

    I did the hardwired DRL killer mod where you snip some wires and put a relay in there so the lights only go on when they're on full power. Worked great. For a while. But now I noticed my headlights come on during the day. Based on playing with the reflection on the side of my house, I don't...
  8. l008com

    Headlight Lens Cleaning

    I knew headlight clearing products are all the rage these days, but do they actually work? One of my headlights is as crisp and clear as the day it was made. The other is awful dark yellow and looks like garbage. But when I touch the lens, it feels pretty smooth, it feels like the yellowing is...
  9. l008com

    Folding Passenger Seat

    This is as much of a comment/idea on Trailblazers as it is every other midsize SUV out there (so I guess Grand Cherokees). How cool would it be if they made the front passenger seat fold down like the rear seats, giving you a flat cargo surface that goes all the way from the glove box to the...
  10. l008com

    LED & Other Headlight Upgrades Besides HID Retrofit?

    I'm wondering what the current state of LED replacement headlights is? I know that in years past, LED bulbs did not work well as low beams because they would flood and blind people with light, like when you put HID bulbs in a regular old non-projector headlight lens. Is this still the case? Are...
  11. l008com

    Morimoto Acme Super H1 4300K Bi-Xenon Retrofit Kit

    Morimoto Acme Super H1 Retrofit Kit This is a full, never-installed kit. It includes the following: - 4300K HID bulbs - Bi-Xenon Projectors - Projector Shrouds - Rubber Adhesive to re-seal headlight lenses back up - Ballasts - Wiring harness with HD relays - 4100K LED Daytime Running Light...
  12. l008com

    FOR SALE New Trailblazer LT Lenses - Modified for Projector Upgrade

    These are a brand new, never installed set of headlight lenses. They are the LT style of lights, which are different from the LS style. There is no bar from the grill across LT lights. These lights have been modified for use in an HID projector retrofit kit in the following ways: - They have...
  13. l008com

    Replacing CATs, DIY?

    Is a CAT replacement in a trailblazer something someone can realistically do themselves? While I am handy in general, I've never done this or anything quite like this before. From the look of the pictures of the new part, it looks like it just bolts right on nice and easy. Though I imagine the...
  14. l008com

    FOR SALE Brand New Trailblazer LT Lenses & Bi-Xenon HID Retrofit Kit

    Yup I have a set of brand new lenses and a full Acme Super H1 4300K retrofit kit from TheRetrofitSource. All brand new, never installed. AND as a bonus, I already opened up the lenses, removed all of the glue, and trimmed the bowls so the projectors will fit right in! As you probably guessed, I...
  15. l008com

    O2 sensor washer hack

    My exhaust O2 sensor is causing check engine lights, indicating my CAT(s) are not working as well as they did back when the truck was new. Unfortunately I can't afford to replace them right now, and I can't get an inspection sticker with a check engine light on. Thus, I'm thinking about this...
  16. l008com

    FOR SALE Novita LM487 Flasher Module ($30)

    I upgraded to this module when I went with LEDs up front, to prevent hyperflash. Worked great but when I upgraded the tail lights to LED, this caused the cruise control to not be able to turn on. So I had to get yet another different module. All the lights still worked and I still had no...
  17. l008com

    SOLVED! Sudden Fan Death

    Yesterday, without any warning, the fan in my truck stopped working. Not the engine fan, the HVAC fan. No AC, no heat. I can hear the compressor click on, but no matter what settings, no air comes out of the vents. Any chance this is an easy fix that doesn't require pulling my whole dash apart?
  18. l008com

    My Trailblazer's Electronics Freaked Out Today

    My truck has had no electronics related issues or anything similar to this or seemingly related to this. This all just happened out of the blue. . . I drove about 25 miles to a mountain biking spot today. I used my 3rd key, the one with the small head, like from early 90's chevy trucks. As far...
  19. l008com

    SOLVED! Bad Washer Fluid Pump?

    The other day, when it was way below freezing, I noticed I had no washer fluid. I thought it might just have frozen but I checked on a warmer day and still nothing. But I did notice that the rear window spray does still work (even though the wiper itself does not). Is a problem like this...
  20. l008com

    NEED HELP Stick Dipstick!

    So today I tried to start my new habit of checking my engine oil level regularly. This is in place of my old method, which was "well, theres no oil on the ground where I park so I can't be loosing THAT much oil, i'll just wait till my next oil change" I didn't get off to a great start. I could...
  21. l008com

    Mini SS Wheels?

    I was googling around for trailblazer wheels and I found one that looks like a 17x7 version of the 20" SS wheel. What is up with that? Which vehicles did that wheel come on? One model number for the wheel appears to be ST610 but I'm not able to find any pics of those wheels on a trailblazer...
  22. l008com

    Do you recycle empty oil quarts?

    I used to pour my used oil back in to them and bring them to Autozone. Due to spillage and oil burning, I'd often have an empty quart that never saw any dirty oil. I'd bring them too, thinking they did something special with them. The guy said they just throw the bottles away once they dump out...
  23. l008com

    Belt & Pulley Part Numbers

    I've had some belt ticking for a couple of years now and now I'm starting to get a very squeaky pulley. My truck has around 130K so I figure I might as well replace both belts and both idler pulleys on the main belt all at once. The parts should be cheap enough. But can someone help me look...
  24. l008com

    Time-Delayed Circuit or Relay?

    I recently wired up my aftermarket heated seats to a relay trigged by an ignition fuse. Before that, I had the drivers seat direct wired off the circuit and the passenger seat was not wired. This made me nervous so I usually just used it on low. Now I put them both on high all the time, it's so...
  25. l008com

    Steering Ratio Improvement

    Regular, short wheelbase Trailblazers have a pretty terrible steering ratio - that is, the amount the wheels turn per single rotation of the steering wheel. Sure, the trucks can turn VERY sharp. But you have to turn the wheel SO much to get there. When I first got this truck, I almost got into...
  26. l008com

    WANTED Trailblazer Liftgate Upper Molding (19150496) - In Bronze(?)

    I'm looking for a liftgate upper molding. This is the plastic piece above the rear windsheild, with the third brake light mounted in it. Mine looks horrible, all the clear coat is falling off. I'm looking for one pulled from a truck that's the same color as mine, so it's already painted and...
  27. l008com

    New (Original) Seat Cover

    I'm not talking about covers that go over your seat. I'm talking about the actual seat cloth/leather itself. Is there a place where you can buy replacement covers that look original? The drivers seat in my truck is starting to look pretty beat. And it's cracking on the side. All the rest of the...
  28. l008com

    Name That Trim Piece

    Can anyone name this part? And also maybe give me a part number? It's the trim piece above the rear window glass, that has the 3rd brake light in it. The paint on my truck looks good except for this one plastic piece. All the clearcoat is chipped and falling off and the paint is all discolored...
  29. l008com

    *ONE* Squeak When I Hit Bumps

    Before I got my Trailblazer in 2016, I had a 1998 S10 ZR2 Blazer (not a daily driver). I loved that truck, and the two ZR2s I had back in '00/'01. But when you hit a bump in that thing, it squeaked from 15 different points. And when I say bump, I'm talking about even the most subtle of bumps. A...
  30. l008com

    New Catalytic Converter - P0420

    Out of the blue, my light came on yesterday. I went to autozone and they gave me the code. I messaged my mechanic who said it's a bad cat. He said it costs hundreds to replace, then mentioned an "alternative" option for repair. Forgetting the alternative for now, how do you replace the cat in...

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