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  1. C-ya

    Driver side valve cover replacement

    Well, after sitting on a new style updated PCV driver side valve cover (Dorman 264-969) since January and having smoke on start up about every 3rd start, I finally decided to swap it out. (The oil consumption is a given. Hopefully the new cover helps that as well.) Watched a quick Utoob...
  2. C-ya

    5.3 LH6 engine sources

    Well, since I'm considering selling my '05 with a 5.3, I decided to investigate the costs of replacing the engine as it is about the perfect vehicle for me. Has anyone used or heard anything about Promar Precision Engine? link They are a bit cheaper for a long block than others by about...
  3. C-ya

    2005 Chevy Trailblazer EXT LT 4WD 5.3

    I think it is time to get something different so I'm seeing if there is any interest in my truck. It is a 2005 EXT LT with a 5.3 engine with 205K miles. I'd like to start at $2,000 and see if there is any interest. The DOD is turned off via a Lime-Swap tune. Leather interior - all three rows...
  4. C-ya

    How to remove the rear gas tank strap

    Driving back to work today from lunch and I hear this awful racket. Sounds like the exhaust broke and was dragging/digging in. Stopped as quickly as I could from 50 mph and pulled to the side of the road. Of course, the grass was a foot tall. I couldn't see any exhaust issues, so I looked at...
  5. C-ya

    Humming noise while driving

    I am hearing a hum that changes pitch with speed changes. It is not a grinding hum, but more of a vibrating hum. Almost like resonance in a muffler. I am not sure where it is coming from. Both front hubs have been replaced. The transfer case loses fluid, but based on the last go round, it...
  6. C-ya

    Front caliper pistons aren't extending

    Had a dragging left front caliper on my '05 EXT so I replaced it today while swapping from snow tires to all seasons. I can't get the brakes back to normal as the pistons aren't extending in the reman'd caliper. I get good fluid from the caliper when I'm bleeding but the pistons aren't moving...
  7. C-ya

    P1682, P0689, P2176 codes and no start when warm

    Well, the fuse block bug bit me this week. Drive to work Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday mornings, temps in the 20s, drive home for lunch, temps in the 40s. Truck won't start to drive back to work. Cranks over strong, spins fast, no combustion. Fired right up when I got home from work, temps...
  8. C-ya

    NEED HELP Binding/grinding/thumping sound in reverse with hard right turn

    I replaced the left front bearing last night to try to solve my issue. I have heard some grinding / bearing type noises from that side. The main issue that was concerning me was the binding and catch/release type noise when in reverse with hard right steering wheel. I don't have to be all way...
  9. C-ya

    Kumho Crugen HT51

    I just put these tires on Friday afternoon (June 9th). I bought them from with free shipping to my house for about $2.50 total more than Tire Rack in South Bend. That saved me the trip to SB and back plus waiting there for it to happen. My mechanic and TR both charge...
  10. C-ya

    Rear liftgate locking/unlocking troubleshooting

    My '05 TB EXT LT has an issue with the liftgate. It got locked and wouldn't unlock even via the Tech II for the last couple of weeks so I couldn't open the back. It won't lock or unlock with the door switch or the key fob. It will, however, lock and unlock with a Tech II since I have opened...
  11. C-ya

    Fuse in cigarette lighter cable is blown

    I noticed my Tech 2 would not power up with only the external power cable (car) plugged in. The light was not on on it, but it would come on if I plugged the OBDII port in first. The unit operates and reads, but I figured I'd better find out why it won't power on with the external power cable...
  12. C-ya

    LBJs, tie rods and alignment

    And I ain't talking ex-presidents here. I had been noticing some noise and jarring from the front end recently so I took the TB to the dealer to get it checked out. I remember when I had it in for an alignment that the tech said the LBJs were loose and the alignment wouldn't hold. Since it is...
  13. C-ya

    Oil consumption report

    Yep, more of the same. I just thought I would post this for posterity's sake. I changed my oil today (DIC OLM was at 2%) at 5,300 miles since last oil change. I drive about 6 miles round trip to work, and don't take too many long trips in the truck, so I'm OK with that interval. My problem...
  14. C-ya

    5.3 Tune from Lime-Swap

    Figured I would put this here since it will get more hits than in the V8 subsection. I wanted a tune to disable DOD/AFM in my truck, so I contacted Jeremy of Lime-Swap (member limequat here). After discussing what I wanted and what could be done to the 5.3, I decided to move forward with it...
  15. C-ya

    Removing tint from rear window

    I need to remove some tint on a rear glass that has the defrost grid on it. Any thoughts? I have removed tint using ammonia and a razor blade, but that was a side window. I don't think that would do the trick with the grid! Heat gun? Other chemical? Slice between the grid and use (xx)...
  16. C-ya

    Defrost temp warmer than any other position

    I noticed this when I first got the truck, but it hasn't been enough of a bother to worry about. But since we are all about sharing things here, I thought I'd throw this out and see what the group thinks. When using the heat (still a little chilly here) with the temp set at 70 and any outlet...
  17. C-ya

    Consolidated site upgrade issues list

    Irrelevent post due to stickied thread.
  18. C-ya

    Plug change on the 5.3 demystified

    Well, after having a misfire on cylinder 4 that wouldn't clear up, I decided it was time to change the plugs and wires. I ordered them from Rock Auto and got them today. Since it was fairly warm (40*F), I decided today would be a great day for it. After hearing about all the trouble people...
  19. C-ya

    Misfire when humidity is high

    I'm not sure if any of you saw my post in the full-size forum about a GMC C1500 4.3 I sold that had misfire issues when the humidity was high or not, but my TB has been doing it, too. It isn't always the same cylinder. The first time I noticed, Torque showed Cylinder 2 not playing well with...
  20. C-ya

    '98 C1500 4.3 Ignition question

    Hey gang, my question is on a '98 C1500 4.3 with an external coil. I bought it used in '04 with 140K on it and sold it with over 240K. Drove great, ran fine, no issues. One night I was driving home from work and ran through some deep(er than I thought) water over the road in a low lying area...
  21. C-ya

    Front shocks going in

    Finally getting around to doing the front dampers on the truck. Figured I'd do it this morning, but some other things came up (haircut, swimming at the in-laws, wings for dinner - yeah, just shot the whole day!) so I thought I'd get the tools and hit it in the morning. Stopped at Auto Zone at...
  22. C-ya

    DOD/AFM (dis?)engagement at highway speeds

    Well, I finally found out what the DOD/AFM engagement feels like when it turns the other cylinders back on. I was going to TN last Friday and drove most of the trip (when on the open road) with the cruise set at 70. I would get to the bottom of a hill/decent incline and feel a slight "bump" in...
  23. C-ya

    Help needed for Moog front spring purchase

    I'm getting ready to replace my front shocks and wanted to lift the front end a little. I'm trying to decide which spring to get. Yes, I searched, and I'm not sure if the 81110 or 81112 will be best for me. My goals: better feel/performance, less sway, and more even, level front end. My...
  24. C-ya

    So far, so good - rear shocks in

    Rear shocks in with little fanfare except my 7 y/o daughter and I both getting a slight pinch when sliding the bottom bolt back through, she on the left (and after that, she found something else to do!) and me on the right. Guess you'll get that when you manhandle the shocks into a compressed...
  25. C-ya

    When is an alignment needed? Technician question

    I know the question can be answered many ways, but based on the readings from an alignment machine, when is it NEEDED? I am getting my swaybar bushings replaced under warranty and part of the inspection (free) was an alignment check. The front was a little off, -0.32. The service writer said...
  26. C-ya

    Front heater core removal

    Is it really as hard as it sounds in the manual? Is there another way - an easier way? I'm getting a coolant smell from the vents when the heat is on, so I'm guessing the front heater core is leaking a bit. The reservoir isn't getting low very quickly (I'm checking about once a week and can't...
  27. C-ya

    Why change synthetic oil every 3,000 miles?

    The topic asks it all. I see people post on here all the time about changing their oil every 3K, saying they use(d) synthetic oil. What's the point? Hell, I don't even change conventional oil every 3K!! On my '98 GMC C1500 w/ the 4.3, I changed it every 4k-ish with dino oil. (I say "ish"...
  28. C-ya

    Red Bull Stratos

    Anyone watching? Supposed to be the first supersonic skydive. Red Bull Stratos - YouTube Home | Red Bull Stratos
  29. C-ya

    Mud flaps installed today

    I installed my mud flaps (guard package) today. Fronts were simple - turn the wheels to one side and off you go. I did have to slightly lift the front (floor jack under the frame) to get my drill under to drill a pilot hole. The rears required the removal of the rear tires. Part numbers are...
  30. C-ya

    RPO codes 8HL 9HK

    What do these RPO codes really mean? They are listed on my RPO sticker, but I'm not sure how decipher them into plain English. 8HL - COMP RR RH COMPUTER SEL SUSP 9HK - COMP RR RH COMPUTER SEL SUSP

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